Soothe the chapping and dryness.

Leave the house without worrying if you put your foundation on.

Be silently (or not so silently) amazed at how soft and dewy your skin feels.

That’s what great skincare does for you.


What is hot, what is new, what is seasonal, just for you! We love creating new scent combinations, bringing back the classics, showcasing the duo, and highlighting something special. That’s what this section is about!

Sip and Scrubz and Sparkle

Sip + Scrubz + Sparkle

This party includes Finklepotts Original Fairy Hair®. The number ONE fairy hair. Each sparkly, gorgeous strand stays on till the hair falls out. It can last for weeks or even months! Finklepotts® + Scrubz = FUN!!

Lipz and Lipz Service

Lipz and Lipz Service are the Duo of April

Lipz Service Lip Scrub polishes the dead, chapped skin away, and then Lipz Lip Balm keeps them soft and nourished. Both are lip-savers on their own, but together this month they are 20% off! 

April 2024 Limited Edition ScrubzBody Scrub PomCherry Citrus

The April Limited Edition Scent is Pomcherry citrus

April is flowers blooming, jackets coming off, longer days, and fabulous fragrances. PomCherry Citrus blends tangy Pomegranate, Cherry, Lemon, and Pink Grapefruit. Fresh, like April!

Seasonal scent spring sensation sugar scrub

Springtime has arrived! Spring sensation is back for the season

When Spring Sensation arrives, you know flowers, longer days, and throwing off the jackets are coming soon! Cotton Blossom, Ginger, White Tea, and a hint of Pear are the notes in this light and airy scent.

Smarty Pitz Baking Soda Deodorant

Smarty Pitz is HERE!

We are thrilled to introduce Smarty Pitz Baking Soda Deodorant in 5 scents, made exclusively by the formulator of the original Smarty Pits. We have been a fan of this particular formulation for 8+ years and in our opinion, it is THE best aluminum-free deodorant ever!

ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub Favor

Scrubzbody favors are a party hit!

Planning the perfect party is always a chore and a joy at the same time. So many details! Well, for your favors needs we’ve got you covered! Whether a 4 oz. jar of our signature sugar scrub or a 1.25 oz. Cubez, your guests will feel pampered and extra special.


For soft skin-loving smarties who want low-fuss skincare with high-fuss results.

Our products are 100% active ingredients which are way greater than the 25% active ingredients found in most products, even the expensive ones.

Seriously, most lotions and other skincare contain 75% water! Ours has none.

ScrubzBody is the handcrafted skincare magic that will “abracadabra” your skin into soft, glowing, flake-free, greet the world with a sassy smile gorgeousness!


Showering can be a quick in and out endeavor, using whatever happens to be on sale at the supermarket, or an experience that celebrates you.

We believe you not only deserve this kind of self-love for your soul but your skin clamors for it.

ScrubzBody has products that do both.

Satisfying your skin’s needs & wants is our only mission. Welcome to the family!

What our customers have to say:

It may be dry and cold in Texas but my skin is still looking fabulous thanks to Oilz+Plus! (and Scrubz of course). I happily use it year-round, rotating my scents depending on the time of year and my mood.

My other favorite product is Bye Bye Bagz which keeps my eyes happily moisturized. Not only that, it isn’t overly oily- I can still use it during the daytime underneath eye makeup with no issues!

Lisa W

I was introduced to Scrubz a few years ago by a friend. I was skeptical at first about using a sugar scrub to shave with, but boy was I wrong! I always used to cut my knees and get razor bumps but since I started using the Scrubz neither has happened even ONCE. I swear by this product AND its owners. There are so few companies that you can say that about these days, companies that care about their communities and customers.

Laura M

“This is truly my holy grail product! I’ve been using Bye Bye Bagz for years and it makes such a difference in the texture of my skin and fine lines/wrinkles. I have tried so many expensive eye creams and this beats all of them. A little goes a long way so this product will last you a long time. I always compliment the ladies in the store for making this product because it is my beauty lifesaver”

Jess W

“I absolutely love all Scrubzbody Products and my customers do too.

Roberta has become my mentor over the last few months. She has given me the opportunity to start my own business with her Private Labeling Scrubs and Lotions.

Thankful she’s willing to share her knowledge with me & other small businesses!!”

Kimberley B

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Transforming Chaos into Self-Care

Transforming Chaos into Self-Care

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