Mother Nature Made The Ingredients, We Just Put Them In A Jar!

I did this for myself, originally. Now my team and I do this for you. Well, I guess it’s for us too, because we do so LOVE our own ScrubzBody showers! wink

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How we got started

I was a working mom of 3, with skin so dry it would bleed sometimes when I scratched it. I was frustrated that the products I was finding were not delivering on their promises. I literally felt like Goldilocks as I tried jar after jar from inexpensive to “what are they kidding me” prices. They were either filled with way too many artificial ingredients and/or colors, didn’t quite do what they promised, or the scents were not making me feel special and lush. I was so lazy about taking care of myself and I wanted to use one product from head to toe. My husband kept commenting on my collection of jars building up on the bathroom shelf.

I was finally so fed up and frustrated, one day I found myself researching ingredients, processes, and formulas: maybe I could take the best of what I’d liked from mass-market products (Of course I told my husband that those 20+  jars in the bathroom were research and not compulsion), and combine them into something that actually worked. For the record, this was WAY harder than it seemed—and took much research and experimentation—but the trial and error process fascinated me, as I saw what different combinations, formulas, botanicals and fragrances, and other factors did–or did not do—to get me one step closer to the skin-softening, use all over the body, including the face and private parts magical scrub I was seeking.

Pretty soon I was like a bonafide chemist, (my late father-in-law would have been proud as he owned an essential oil factory with his brothers back in the 1980s) mixing just the right amount of 8 botanical oils that had been proven to offer different skin-care benefits. I had discovered the power of another ingredient… pure refined sugarcane. When added to the proprietary botanical oil blend, it seemed to virtually turn back the clock on skin, eliminating flakes while also soothing and nourishing big time. Most scrubs are based on salt—the infamous salt scrub, if you will—but salt can irritate the skin, further compounding irritation, itchiness, and even redness (And that makes sense if you’ve ever gotten salt in a wound!) 

When one day, I finally tested it on my beautiful late sister, Michelle Tucker, she came back into the room screaming: “OMG, we have to sell this stuff…it’s seriously amazing!” And the proprietary formulation that would eventually become the official ScrubzBody line was born.  

That’s Michelle on the left.

2 days later, Michelle called me and announced she had the perfect name, so on June 26, 2006, ScrubzBody Skin Care Products was officially created. We knew others suffered from dry, itchy skin too, so we expanded our line to include other simple, feel-good about yourself and your skin products.

With Michelle’s passing in Feb of 2017, the commitment to serving you is even stronger, because we started a family business and I want you all to feel like family.

One of the greatest things we have added over the years is our Private Label Business. It not only allows us the chance to shower the world with better skincare in places and in ways we never could have ourselves, but more importantly, it gives me the chance to mentor other business entrepreneurs who want to start a skincare business, but don’t necessarily want to make everything themselves and get advice from someone who has been doing this since 2006.

What can we do for you?

Our store at 245 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY is more like an apothecary where you can feel serene and cozy. Where you can smell scents that make you smile and feel products on your skin that make it do a happy dance. We are also home to Make your own ScrubzBody™ Parties, as well as other artisan-crafted goods.

Indie Business Podcast with Roberta Perry – Makers on Mainstreet

The following is our original promo video with Michelle, our former labels and former store. Some things have changed for sure, but our commitment to being a customer experience business with great natural products will always remain the same! You merit this kind of love and attention to detail and we leave no stone unturned to give it.

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the Live it Up show with Donna Drake!

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