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About Us

ScrubzBody™ Makes Simple, Natural Skincare Using Simple, Natural Ingredients.

We did this for us originally. Now we do this for you. Well, I guess it’s for us too, because we do so LOVE our ScrubzBody showers! 🙂


How we got started

Roberta Perry, being a working mom of 3, wanted a simple, effective solution for her dry, flaky skin, and found that the skin products on the market were not delivering on that promise. She felt like “Goldilocks” as she tried jar after jar. They were either filled with artificial preservatives and/or colors, didn’t do what they promised, or the scents were not quite right. Her husband commented on her collection of jars building up on the bathroom shelf.

With no luck in the stores, she decided to make her own, first acting like a “mad chemist” in the kitchen and then doing extensive research on botanical oils and their benefits for skin. She mixed up various formulations of scrubs, staying with sugar, after having one major “owww” moment when a version of the scrub using salt, got into a paper cut. How could this possibly feel good on faces or other, more private parts, she pondered. Roberta tested each and every batch herself and on her late sister, Michelle Tucker.

One day, Michelle, having just sampled Roberta’s latest formula, burst into the room announcing, “you have to sell this stuff…it’s seriously amazing!” The sisters knew others suffered from dry, itchy skin too. 2 days later, Michelle called Roberta and announced she had the perfect name, so on June 23, 2006, ScrubzBody™ Skin Care Products was born. The ScrubzBody line expanded to include other simple, feel good products. With Michelle’s passing in Feb of 2017, the commitment to serving you all is even stronger, because we get to share Michelle’s love and creativity in every jar, bottle and party!

What can we do for you?

Our store at 245 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY is home to Make your own ScrubzBody™ Parties, as well as therapeutic treatments and other artisan crafted goods.

Our customers have said the nicest things!

Indie Business Podcast with Roberta Perry – Makers on Mainstreet

The original promo video with Michelle, our former labels and former shop. Some things have changed, but our commitment to being a customer experience business with great natural products, will always remain the same!