Buy One Get One 2024 

November 22nd, 2024 is our

Once-a-Year BOGO Sale!

The Farmingdale store at 245 Main Street, will be open from 10 am-7 pm.

The online sale at will be from 12:00 am-11:59 pm EST

****Ordering online: If you want 2 of something, order 1. If you want 4, order 2. And so on. The shopping cart will not reflect the 2nd product. It will automatically be included in your box. Please allow at least a week or two for delivery. Holiday season shipping is never pretty, but we promise to get everything out to you asap.
You will receive an email confirmation first when your order is placed, then a second one when the order is ready to be picked up or it has been shipped. If you did not receive the second email, the order is not ready. Check your spam folder as well, as somehow a few get sent there.****

If you want something CUSTOM, YOU MUST ORDER ONLINE so it will be ready as ordered for shipping or pickup vs you having to come back to the store for the scenting!

The Rules:

Only ScrubzBody-made products are included in the sale. 

If you do want something customized, YOU MUST ORDER ONLINE so it will be ready as ordered for shipping or pickup vs you having to come back to the store for the scenting!

Custom scents orders must actually be ordered as a “custom scent”, and not just a note on the order. Both items will be the same scent (ie: if you custom order 1-18 oz Strawberry Vanilla, you will get 2- 18 oz. Strawberry Vanillas). Allow extra time for us to process. We do NOT take pre-orders or customize scents that day or even for a few days after. Please give us at least a week. 

Refill jars are not included. Refill cards are not included.

Gift certificates are not included. If you buy a gift certificate you will only get the one you ordered.

Sale items, Sampler Packs, and Duos are not included. They are already discounted!

Gift wrap is not included that day. If you want to bring it back for wrapping another day, we will be happy to do so.

Products such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Alegna Soap,  Bubbleaux Fizzie Bubble Bath, and Olive My Home Candles, etc, even with our scents, are not included in the sale. We don’t make those things ourselves, so, unfortunately, we can’t afford to give 2. 🙂

Other products not included in the sale:  Olive My Skin Lip Balm, Smarty Pits Deodorant, Mama Suds Toilet Bombs, VidaAire Room Freshener, Rockin’ Wellness Super Food Health Powder, Rose Quartz Facial Scoops, Top Notch Nail Files, Alegna Shower Steamers, and Spatty Patty spatulas. If you order 1 you will only get 1.

There is NO Free Shipping that day. Shipping will be at a flat rate of $15. 

If you can’t get to the store that day, order online but select “Local Pickup”. We will NOT SHIP those orders. Please do not expect the orders to be ready the next day. We need at least 5 days to process everything after our giant sale. Thanks! We will contact you when the order is ready for pick up.

See how easy this is!