Shaving legs with ScrubzBody Scrub


Men have been shaving their beards, bodies and more recently their heads and women have been shaving their legs and underarms and more, for ages. Smooth, silky skin is exactly what the desired result of a great shave is, and many times getting there can be difficult or even painful. So painful that many people won’t do it until they absolutely have to, and then suffer the consequences.

Here is the number one solution to the best shave of your life...Exfoliation.

The reason is that shaving, in and of itself is an exfoliation technique. So if done with no preparation, the razor itself can catch on dead skin cells and cause cuts and nicks. When you gently polish first, with no blades involved, the skin becomes a smooth, slick, friction free surface. Perfect for shaving. The cool thing is there are additional benefits to the procedure. Exfoliation helps open pores and stimulate the hair itself. It helps increase blood flow, so it temporarily plumps and prepares skin which is another benefit. It is really that simple.

There are different techniques and ways to go about doing it, however, but you get my point. It really makes the process of shaving easier and more doable. It helps prepare the skin and ensures a cleaner, closer, smooth as silk shave every time.

Dry brushing – This technique lightly and gently removes dead skin from the surface by using a semi-stiff bristled brush. It is great for an all over quick body polish. Most guys won’t do this before a facial shave, but for a body shave, it is recommended to brush the skin before applying any type of cream or lotion and before skin is damp. Make sure to clean and dry the brush often.

Washcloths or Loofahs – These items are best done with dampened skin and preferably with a good creamy lotion, cleanser or gel. The key is to not rub too hard. The wash cloth will be more gentle than the loofah and can be used on the face. For the loofah, we suggest a lighter touch, as the skin can become damaged from over rubbing. Make sure to clean and DRY both items really well, most especially the loofah sponge, or it can harbor bacteria and not only smell NASTY, but spread bacteria on your body.

Salt Scrub – Ok, so I sell and overall prefer sugar scrub, but some people do like a good salt scrub. Just be sure there are no nicks or cuts in the skin surface or the salt scrub will most definitely sting! Choose one that contains natural oils and/or butters for hydration along with the exfoliation. Gently exfoliate prior to shaving. Make sure you rinse off any remaining crystals.

And now my personal favorite:

Sugar Scrubs – Yes, it figures I would love these best, but for the greatest reasons!  First of all, sugar scrubs will not burn or irritate skin. If you have a nick or cut, no worries, you can still use it. My personal favorite these days is Sassy Citron! ScrubzBody Sugar scrub is whipped with 8 botanical oils, too, so after the exfoliation, the oils remain on skin, and can be used as a replacement for shaving cream or lotion. Yes, you heard that right. You need only one product. Easy, Peasy, Shaving’s a Breezy!

So get ready for all those soft, smooth, silky skin days. Just make sure you prepare first by exfoliating!