So, I woke up this morning to read a middle-of-the-night email from Facebook (which owns Instagram) informing me that a new email address had been added to my FB account. I immediately responded to it saying it was not me. I tried to sign in and was told the account was compromised.

I alerted them through the app about the hack and had to upload proof of my existence. I figured that would do the trick and allow me back into all my accounts.

Well, it wasn’t meant to be. Even after 14 years of perfect posting, FB said it was a permanent ban and I have no idea why. They said I couldn’t even question it.

I even tried setting up a new account. Still, maybe they recognized my IP address, because even with a different name, birthdate, and email address, and successfully setting up the account initially, 10 minutes later I was blocked. I have tried to disagree and send the info, but I feel like this is it.

It actually first got me upset, of course, and angry at the feeling of being violated. But then I felt a strange sense of relief.

You see, for a while now, I have been considering getting off of social media anyway. Too much of everything seems to be running rampant on social these days and truthfully, it was making me more upset and even bored, rather than happy and joyful, the way it used to make me feel.

I used the excuse that I was only staying on the sites for business.

But now that my ScrubzBody Business page is no longer active (it is still visible, but not accessible to me) I am taking this time to reflect on the fact that maybe this was some sort of sign that it was time to leave the 2 social platforms.

Sooooooooo, instead of freaking out and getting upset, I have decided that now will be the time to just address you, my nearest and dearest customers directly. I am in many ways relieved. I have always struggled with finding the right thing to post, (must be my age showing) and so with the pressure off, I can concentrate on the more important aspects of serving you all.

I will continue with my weekly emails to keep you on the inside with a scoop on everything going on (like our once-a-year BOGO sale and our once-a-year birthday sale), and I promise to write informative blog posts with fun stories and cool information.

I also wanted to make you aware that hacking like this can happen to anyone. I thought I was pretty savvy about avoiding bad links and URLs, but the fact that I was working within the FB app itself made me trust it, and I never realized that I could be hacked from the inside.

Please make sure you are subscribed to our email list. I just love having our one-on-one love fests every week.

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our ScrubzBody family. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Twitter and LinkedIn and Pinterest are still fine, but here and email is really where I want to say hello.