Q. Can I really exfoliate every day?

We cannot speak for other brands or methods, and we suggest 1-2x a week for both effectiveness and economy, however ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub is absolutely gentle enough to use on a daily basis on both face and body. Eating well and drinking lots of water are a must for great skin, but it is really regular exfoliation that takes good skin and makes it great. It also increases blood flow while gently massaging the skin and helps with muscle tone.

Q. Do you have suggestions for use?

While there is absolutely no “wrong” way to use ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub, I recommend 2 specific things when I demo: First, I suggest moving away from the water stream, or even turning it off, after dampening your skin. I also recommend taking a little on the palm of one hand and spreading it on the other hand, so you have better, more even coverage on skin. Using a little less water keeps it more gritty, and more water starts the sugar melting and therefore it becomes a more gentle exfoliant.

Q. Should I use a washcloth, nylon mesh scrubber or body brush?

Again, there is no wrong way to use the product, be a) we want your hands as soft as your body, and b) we want you to enjoy every drop! When a washcloth or brush are used, the product can get lost or fall into the shower. 🙁 When you are massaging your scalp, use your fingertips to really run it through your hair.

Q. How is it possible to shave with ScrubzBody Scrub, Facez, Scrubz+ or Shavez?

There are a few reasons that the exfoliating ScrubzBody products are so good to shave with: First of all, the products take off dead skin before a razor would, therefore eliminating irritation and razor burn. Secondly, when you exfoliate and massage the pores, the hair follicles stand up and they don’t curl down, virtually eliminating in-grown hairs. Finally, when the sugar is rinsed off, sending dirt and dead skin down the drain, the 8 natural oils remain on the skin surface. No shaving cream necessary, because the oils are all that you need to shave with. A friction-free surface ensures a cleaner, closer shave.

Q. What is the difference between a lotion, cream and ointment?

Lotions are an emulsification of oil and water that contain at least 70% water. Creams are an emulsification of oil and water that contain at least 70% oil. Ointments typically contain over 80% oil. * Our creams, balms and lotions use only pure butters and oils. There is no water in any of our products so you call them whatever you want :-).

Q. Are your products tested on animals?

NO! But they are thoroughly enjoyed by them. Roberta has scrubbed her dog clean and made her coat super soft, with ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub.

Q. Are your products vegan?

All products are Vegan except: Bye Bye Bagz, Balmz and Scrubz+ as all three contain nourishing Emu Oil. All items containing Emu oil are prepared with separate bowls and utensils from our Vegan products.

Q. Speaking of Emu oil, what’s all the fuss?

One of the coolest thing about nature is that it somehow supplies us with what we need. The reason Emu oil is so great is that what it’s made up of consists of 70% essential fatty acids (translation: great things skin needs to repair and rejuvenate skin). It can help reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks and one of its components is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Q. How often should I moisturize?

When a ScrubzBody scrub product is used, you are moisturized already. On other days, we recommend using an alcohol free moisturizer twice a day, preferably within a minute of stepping out of a hot shower or bath. This helps lock moisture in.

Q. What is a lip scrub and why do I need something different for my lips?

Lip scrubs are different from other scrubs in that they are 100% food safe. You can lick it off, or rinse it off, your choice. Lips have no sweat, nor oil glands, plus, we lick them and they dry out, so they chap the fastest of all skin. When you polish the dead skin away, you are left with softer, smoother lips. Put on a good lip balm as soon as you are done. Our Lipz Service has a lip balm whipped right into the scrub.

Q. What is the difference between Unscented ScrubzBody Scrub, Facez and Scrubz+?

Unscented Scrubz™ is 8 Botanical oils (Canola, Olive oil, Grapeseed, Coconut, Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Soybean & Vitamin E) whipped in sugar to create the fragrance free version of our most popular product. Facez is unscented ScrubzBody Scrub that has been triple whipped with the addition of 25% more Jojoba oil, a pH balancing oil great for acne prone and sensitive skin. It is great for all faces, but we usually recommend this product to our tween-teen clientele. Scrubz+ is unscented ScrubzBody Scrub that has been made more creamy with the addition of our Balmz body balm. We usually recommend this to our older customers, or those under going any treatments, as it has the additional moisturizers.

Q. My child has eczema (dermatitis, sensitive skin). Can she really use your products?

Yes! Please test on a small area first, just to be safe. Customers have told us that they have stopped using the stuff they got from their Dr. because the ScrubzBody products worked better.

Q. If a person is diabetic, can they use ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub?

We always suggest mentioning to your Dr., but every customer we know who has diabetes has never had a problem.

Thanks for reading the info. Hopefully, it was clear. Call us with any questions!