ScrubzBody Product Shot Dark Background
“Z” Line of ScrubzBody Products

Before I went full time into ScrubzBody, I had a freelance design job.

So it’s a typical business day and I am at a meeting. I had just started making the sugar scrub about a month prior.

My phone rings and I see it’s my late sister, Michelle. I don’t answer it. She calls again. I don’t answer it, this time sending a text that I am in a meeting. She calls again and I let it go to voice mail. The phone finally stops ringing.

For 2 minutes. 

And then it started ringing again. I look at my customer, who thankfully was a long time client and asked if I could speak to my sister for a minute, because obviously it was important.

I took the phone outside and called her back. “What??” I asked, is so important?” “Scrubz with a Z!” she shouted. “Isn’t it the perfect name?”, she asked. I rolled it around on my tongue for a minute and in my brain. It said what it was. It was recognizable and with the word body attached, its domain name was for sale.

I had to admit, Michelle was right. It was the perfect name.

I said this to her, went back to my meeting and finished as soon as possible, because by now I had been mentally designing the label and setting things up and was finding it hard to concentrate.

I over designed that first label with swirls and curls which were meant to symbolize the circular scrubbing motion we recommended. It was not a great design at all, however, the concept of the “z” was stuck. It was going to be the thing that made us stand out from other scrubs in terms of name and brand.

When we realized that we needed a few more products than just the sugar scrub, we decided to take the “z” concept further. Oilz was the first name and was our spray on fragrance and moisturizing oil. It was an easy fit and flowed off the tongue perfectly.

Facez came next, but with this one, we had to correct the pronunciation. It’s supposed to read like “faces” but many people called it “Faceez” with the “e” emphasis. We had this problem with Shavez as well. Sounding very french like with the emphasis on the “ez” like ShavEZ.

Handz,Lipz,BalmzBye Bye BagzBye Bye BugzFeetzOilz+Lipz Service,Face Oilz and Scrubz+ were easy to say and read. I guess it’s the vowel before the “z” that sometimes throws it off and those don’t have it.

Scrubblez is the latest in our “z” line and I love the way it tells you what it does right in the name. Scrubby Bubbles makes “Scrubblez”!

So what started with a truly annoying phone call from my late sister turned into the cornerstone of our brand. I still get a giggle in my mind when I think of how excited she was, like a kid in a candy store, when she blurted out the name.

She knew that it was all about the “Z”!