What is your "why" and why?

I have thought about that question for a while now, because many of my own customers ask me how I got started.

The interesting thing is that they always ask me “how” or “when” or “what did it take” but for me, ScrubzBody™ really was all about the “why”.

When I started my career path it was as a graphic designer. My reason to pursue that field was because I loved art but I am not very good at painting or drawing. Graphics allowed me to be creative in different ways. Then, when I was raising my kids and wanting to be home with them during the elementary school years, I was doing some freelance work but needed more money. I fell into a sales position for a telecom service at a time when the big telecom boys were breaking up. It served a purpose of working from home and making money, but it did not satisfy any other “why”. The plus side of that job was I did get to meet some really cool people. A few years later I would learn some of the business skills I would take forward to ScrubzBody™ when I became the marketing director of an adult education school in Dallas. That business failed miserably on so many levels, but it did inspire me to want more than just a job. My “why” was taking shape.

So I thought about it and realized that if I have to put my own “why” in one word it would have to be interaction, but passion runs a close second. I absolutely love interacting with my customers. I love serving their needs. I love making people feel good about themselves. Combining those 2 elements (and a sugar scrub recipe) was how my business was born. I took something I made for myself and realized it had a greater purpose. I wanted to share it with others. It not only made skin better, but it made people feel better about themselves, too. It served my “why” in a big way and almost 10 years later, it still feels just as good.

So I put this same question out to a variety of professionals in a variety of fields. Some are my friends. Some are my mentors. Some are just awesome and interesting people I have been fortunate enough to meet either in person or online. (Pretty cool this world of virtual friendships, don’t you think?)

Here are some of the phenomenal answers I got when I posed this question:

Grass. As in, I HATE feeling like grass is growing under my feet. And the only way to prevent that is to get better.
Peter Shankman – author, entrepreneur, speaker, and worldwide connector, Peter is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about Customer Service, Social Media, PR, marketing and advertising. CEO of The Geek Factory, Inc., a boutique Social Media, Marketing and PR Strategy firm – shankman.com

My why in one word? Funny – That’s my one skill. It’s easy. I don’t have any other marketable skills.
Bill Freiberger – writer, animator, producer, actor on various episodes and shows, most notable Sonic Boom, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Herman’s Head, Men Behaving Badly and “She of Little Faith”, an episode of The Simpsons that was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program – twitter.com/billfreiberger

If I could put my WHY into a single word, it would be WOMEN. Because the mission for my life began to be fully realized after my best friend was murdered in 1998, leaving two very young children behind. At that time, I knew that I was supposed to be doing something career-wise that empowered women to maximize their lives through entrepreneurship, but the vision had not yet crystalized. After Robin’s death, it was clear that I needed to start an organization that could touch and empower women around the world, and so the Indie Business Network was born. Because of the work IBN does, and through IBN’s collaborations with people like you, millions of women and their families are inspired daily to put their talents and gifts to good use making something they can sell to support themselves and their children. Families, especially children, are safe and empowered because their mothers exemplify first-hand that everyone can create something out of nothing for the benefit of the entire family, and they can pass that on to their neighborhoods, their cities and towns, the nation, and the world. So, that’s my WHY, and that’s, well …. WHY.
Donna Maria Coles Johnson – Entrepreneur, CEO of Indie Business Network – indiebusinessnetwork.com

My why is always “being valuable”. because, for me personally, there’s no greater purpose.
Paul Jarvis – freelance writer, marketing expert and rat lover – pjrvs.com/articles

My why would be knowledge. I want to not only understand what’s happening around me by digging deeper but offer information to people so they that they can make more knowledgeable and informed decisions. I’ve always been a great knowledge seeker and I think my craft reflects that.
Jamie Herzlich – Newsday writer – small business – newsday.com/business/columnists/jamie-herzlich

Conviction. I always knew what I wanted to do. My 6th grade teacher wrote in my yearbook “One day we will all hear of a famous writer–YOU!” I’m not so sure about the famous part but I am a writer…and never waivered or compromised or didn’t believe I can do it. I picked a lane and never lost sight of that childhood dream. Every time I see my byline in a magazine, it’s still a thrill!
Janene Mascarela – Beauty Editor for Belle Magazine, writer for national print and online publications, Freelance Journalist and beauty + health columnist at PARADE Magazine – janenemascarella.com/

My why is “Empowered”. I feel empowered when I make good choices for my body, create amazing experiences, and really, and I mean really, connect with what my friend Melanie Curtis would say, “my people”. In the end of the day we know we have three things for sure; our bodies, experiences and relationships. Running encompasses all of these things. It’s a gift that I get to interview and share amazing people’s stories and tips of how to create a way of life for the long run. My intention is that people feel empowered when they engage with my work.
Kari Gormley – The Running Lifestyle – therunninglifestyle.com

My why is about my people… rooted in my main individual core values… love, hilarity, experience, expansion… all with the intense edge I tend to bring to everything, including the softer love stuff hahaha.. that intensity comes out in the love.. in the hilarity.. in the experience both facilitated and called out for my people.. and in the expansion and belief in what is possible outside of what we can even think up. All this as the main underpinning of our coaching work and in everything I create and curate
I hope that helps, and thank you for asking.. always cool to reconnect to that deeper deal. Mmm, good stuff! :))
Melanie Curtis -Highcomms. LTD Coach. Fear Consultant. Writer. Speaker. Prolific traveler. Art lover. Professional skydiver – melaniecurtis.com/ – www.facebook.com/melaniecurtis11 – www.instagram.com/melaniecurtis11

I’ve been thinking about this one-word exercise a lot and keep coming back either directly or circuitously to the word ‘rebellious’. Over the life of my career, I’ve been fired 3 1/2 times because I wanted to do my work my own way rather than be tied up in corporate policies that were antiquated, ineffective and bureaucratic. If something didn’t make sense, I didn’t want anything to do with it. Frankly, I was a shitty employee. So when I was 30 and about to be fired again (which counts for the 1/2), I quit before that could happen. I decided I wasn’t going to have a boss anymore; I was going to be my own boss. Magically, all the puzzle pieces fit! The blessing in this was that I was a crazy-good resume writer. ResuMAYDAY was born the very same day that I quit my last job. That was in 2001.
Lauren Milligan – ResuMAY – ResuMAYDAY.com

Hmmmm. I always say, “Well, why not?”
Allison Walmark – mom, philanthropist, lover of all things just a bit crazy, outspoken, fundraiser extraordinaire for Autism speaks – sheknows.com/authors/allison-ziering-walmark/articles

I have been thinking about this for days Roberta, what a great question.
 My why is ‘well being’. Each time I design a space with a client (mostly offices), I keep in mind how that space can be personalized – from the ergonomic chair to the art on the walls – to truly enhance that person’s well being. Our spaces have an effect on us even if we are not aware of it. My passion and drive is to bring that awareness then heal those spaces.
Catherine Avery – Interior Design – Resovate.com

My WHY is helping people feel seen, heard and valued as customers. I began as a bra fitting expert and realized what I offered was really much deeper. When you build customer relationships (and, oh by the way, your employee relationships, your personal relationships, etc) on a foundation of seen, heard and valued – your business thrives.
Ali Cudby – Your Iconic Brand – youriconicbrand.com

Mine why is “The Game” I just love the competition of business and sales. It’s the ultimate game. I play the game to win and it drives me. The competition and just wanting to win. It’s not the money or recognition. That comes with the win. It’s about playing to win.
DJ Vallauri – Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, Lodging Interactive, CoMMingle, Social Voices – Always On 24/7 – djvallauri.com

“You have to believe in it with all your heart to be inspired”
Marie Forleo from her video at: marieforleo.com/2011/05/single-important-factor-business

Well, one sentence or more but in a single word? I’ll tell you, but it might not help. Simply put, we’re talking about writing, which is just another form of the larger activity called “making stuff,” which I learned as a toddler was a billion times more fun than A) just looking at stuff, or B) doing stuff other people want you to do, or C) killing time and/or trying (futilely) to satisfy sensory hungers. It doesn’t matter much to me what it is that’s being made — I’ve written and sold virtually everything you can think of that’s made of sentences, from novels to obituaries to limericks, but it could just as easily be throwing pots, making YouTube videos, writing love songs, or building patio furniture. It’s fucking fun, the best thing anyone could do with their day that does not involve getting naked, and it’s as simple as that. Call it “flow,” whatever — nothing beats it. Even writing this, right now, and making sure the lines are both correct and juicy, has been a little blast of happiness.
Michael Atkinson – Author, Movie Critic, Poet, Screenplay Writer, Professor – wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Atkinson_(writer)

My one word would be “contribution” I believe in living out the principle that to those who much has been given, much is expected. I have been blessed with great mentors, experiences and gifts. It is my heart’s desire to share the knowledge I have gleaned to empower others to write, publish and share their gifts with the world. Each step in my business over the past few years has created more paths to publishing success for others. I started by writing, “How to Self-Publish: A Guide for Author-preneurs” in 2013, created Selah Press publishing services and coaching in 2015 and am now launching Author-preneur training in 2016. My hope is that with each step I am making a contribution to the dreams of aspiring authors.
Kayla Fioravanti is a wife, mother, publisher and award-winning author- selah-press.com/

One word ” Passion”. The definition itself says it all:  a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.  Once you have that excitement, that spark, the rest comes easy and it’s no longer work.
Mark Rosenmansportstalknylive.com – Mark has also co-authored 2 books that are available on Amazon, “Shoot To Thrill” and “Down On The Korner”

My “why” is this, Because I have to write; I can’t not write. If I didn’t write, I would blow up….like Mr. Creosote in “The Life of Brian.’ I don’t have a choice
PJ Gach – Writer, Style Editor – thequeenofstyle.com/

My why is freedom. I believe honorable, profitable business expands peace, prosperity and freedom. Understanding how to make my own damn money – charge more than it costs! – changed my life in so many positive ways. I’m committed to expanding business literacy across the planet. xoxox LOVE this topic!
Ellen Rohr – Small biz financial expert. Financial cleaner-upper. Biz planner. Especially love dirty job businesses and biz owners: plumbers, electricians, contractors – ellenrohr.com

Caring – you could call it enlightened self-interest but I think if you care for others, both personally and as a society, then someone will care for you when you are in need.
Mac McCallum – Retired Special Education Teacher – Brighton, England

Simple. Connectedness would be my word and maybe Passion, too.
Michael Silberberg –  MD Medical Director, Aesthetics, International at Allergan, Inc. 

FAMILY. “I pushed myself because I wanted a family.”
Michael Miele – Senior Vice President of Sales at TransUnion Financial

Oddly, for me, The word would be “spellbound”. I survive by diving into work, projects or passions and becoming under a spell by what I’m doing. When I complete or create something it gives me a happy healthy feeling. I prefer that spellbound feeling to any vise. Which has always protected from drama (family). LOL.
Heather Miele – Generational expert, Ancestor Researcher, Mom

My why is that I love to work. – Simple as that. I love to be busy and I love to work at something I believe in.
Jennifer DiRossiAsst. Producer Dr. Oz show

Thank you to all who responded! I am grateful for the personal and interesting answers that made me think and laugh and delve deeper into my own ideas of success. Everyone has their own version of “why” and for me, that is what makes people so captivating and in need of my passionate interaction.

Let  me know what your “why” is too!