Emily will never forget the day she realized that this simple Shea butter lotion was more than a moisturizer!

As Emily walked through the door that day, she couldn’t help but feel the tension in her shoulders and the knots in her back. She had been caring for her mom and then working all day and her body was begging for some attention.

That’s when she saw it, sitting on the bathroom counter, calling out to her. Her bottle of Oilz+ Shea Butter and Botanical Oil lotion.

She has quite a few different scents, but this one was Jasmine Honeysuckle, a personal favorite of hers.

Emily’s body began to relax immediately.

Oilz+ lotion putting on hand

This 100% active ingredient lotion was designed not just for moisturizing the skin, but for massaging it as well, and the thought of this was irresistible to her bone-weary self.

Em stripped down to her delicates (or whatever it is you call them) and grabbed the bottle, opening the cap and breathing in the sweet scent of jasmine and honeysuckle. She poured some onto her hand and rubbed her palms together, feeling the smooth texture of the lotion.

She started with her arms, really kneading and massaging deeply, feeling the tension slowly easing away. Then she massaged it all over her neck. It felt like heaven! Her crazy day was beginning to melt away.

And as she kneaded her skin, a thought crossed her mind.

Emily closed her eyes and imagined her partner’s hands on her skin, giving her the kind of massage she REALLY needed, with the warmed lotion gliding over her body.

She felt a smile begin to form on her lips and she knew she had to try it out.

Emily called out to her partner, Jon and he came into the bathroom, a curious look on his face. She explained what she wanted to do and he was happy to oblige.

Have you ever seen a little puppy dog wagging its tail? That’s what Jon’s anticipation looked like. 🐶

She lay down on the bed and he deftly poured the lotion onto her back, spreading it around with his hands. The sensation was incredible, with the warm lotion seeping into her pores and relaxing her muscles inch by inch.

As he started to knead Em’s shoulders, she let out a sigh.

He grinned.

His hands were strong and sure, working out all the knots in her back. She felt herself start to melt under his very able touch.

Oilz+ has just the right amount of glide, so it massages into the skin with friction-free ease.

It was almost as if Jon were massaging Emily with silk.

And, the Jasmine Honeysuckle scent was the perfect relaxing fragrance to go with the incredible body massage.

As he moved his way to other parts of her body, she couldn’t help gasping. This was the best massage Emily had ever received.

Jon moved back up to her shoulders, kneading them with renewed vigor and care. She felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge. The tension in her body was building and relaxing, the pleasure almost too much.

And then, with one final stroke of his hand, Emily melted completely into the bed and her muscles relaxed completely.

Jon held her as she came down from her giddy high, his hand still gently kneading her skin.

They lay there for a few moments, basking in the closeness.

The Oilz+ lotion had worked wonders, not just as a moisturizer, but as a loving massage aid as well.

As Emily got up from the bed, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. Her body felt completely relaxed, the tension gone. And the best part? She had discovered a new way to connect with Jon.

Oilz+ lotion has become a staple in their lives, not just for its moisturizing properties, but for the way it has brought them closer together.

Whether they are in the bathroom, the bedroom, or anywhere else, they know this lotion is always there, ready to take them on a journey of love and relaxation.

So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your relationship and indulge in a loving massage, try Oilz+ lotion.