Facing the mirror with blemishes? Or dry, flaky patches?

Your face! It greets the world first and makes other people feel good just by seeing your smile.

It reflects your personality and shares your emotions.

But when you are suffering from blemishes, redness, or dryness, you are not feeling so great about showing your face around town.

Am I right?

Especially when it’s something like an ugly underground blemish that is red, puss-filled, and painful so that even a gentle wind makes you wince in pain.

We get it!

OMG, your dermis is showing!

When I was a kid, that was one of the things you could hurl as an insult, figuring the other kid didn’t realize I was talking about skin.

Of course it showed, silly! 😀

But then, as I got older, and had breakouts and bad skin, I wasn’t loving showing it.

I tried so many new to the market “solutions” but it wasn’t until I went back to basics that my skin cleared up.

Our products use refined sugars to gently polish away your dead skin, natural oils, and pure refined Shea butter loaded with skin-balancing nutrients like vitamins A and E to cleanse, soothe and rejuvenate your skin…so that the gentle breeze across your face actually feels good.

Your dermis will flaunt itself in the mirror, in the office, at the market and anywhere you enter the room.

Forever face the day with great skin!

Mother Nature really did make fabulous ingredients.

We just put them in jars and bottles. And because of this, your face (and body of course) get to experience gentle, natural, soothing skincare.

Products that are 100% free of water,  alcohol, or additives. Products that treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated.

And that is game-changing. And face-changing.