Don’t you hate when you get those little annoying bumps while shaving? 

Or when the blade scrapes across your skin the wrong way and leaves you with a razor burn? 


Or when the hair follicle becomes red and irritated because of ingrown hair? 

Like it’s not quite a pimple, but it sort of looks like one and hurts!

Those things are the worst!

Fun stuff this shaving, right? 

It’s one of those things that you need to do, but put it off because it is so irritating.

Not to mention, shaving cream can be very drying to the skin. 

Especially the commercial brands loaded with things your skin doesn’t need…and not a lot that it does.

Thankfully we have the solution!

Get the products that get you!

Guys…you are most definitely our toughest customer, but once you realize how great your skin feels and that you’ve just had the best shave EVER…you come back.first sale! 

Not to mention your hands or feet scrubbing experience! 

Then there’s the stereotypes…

You know…you’re supposed to use manly type products that you find at the grocery or drug store! 

We know YOU don’t fall for those silly stereotypes! 

Your skin and shaving needs deserve to be treated with great products, boatloads of respect, and lots of pampering!

Everywhere you shave will be happy!

100% active ingredients mean 100% delivery on its promise…

…skincare that will make your skin better than before. 

Start to love shaving again! (As much as you did when you were a kid and your dad, step-dad (or mom) or older brother (or sister) or uncle or friend showed you how to use a razor for the first time.)