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Bath Bomb Fizzies in ScrubzBody Scents



Bath Bombs made by Lotion Bar Cafe, using the recipes of their late founder, Holly Port, who wrote the book, “Make it Fizz”, are an incredible addition to our line. Our exclusive fragrances will fill your senses as the natural oils and delightful fizziness create a spectacular bathing experience.




The scents:

Cherry Almond Burst Cherry is blended with a touch of Almond, Grapefruit and other fruit oils to create this burst of Cherry Goodness. 

Coconut Milk The freshness of Coconut is blended with the sweetness of Milk & Honey. Ahhh!

Ginger Zest  We blended sweet, pungent ginger with tangy citrus oils to create this incredible smelling scent. 

Lavender This is a sweet, pungent, floral aroma and is one of the most loved scents.

Sassy Citron This blend is sultry and sassy at the same time. Ylang Ylang and Tangerine are blended with floral and citrus oils to create this exotic and exciting scent.

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Cherry Almond Burst, Coconut Milk, Ginger Teaze, Lavender, Sassy Citron


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