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Graduation Lipz Lip Balm



You already know how smart they are when they speak, now make their talking points softer with this amazing and adorable lip balm gift.

Studies show that students hate when their lips look chapped and dry! All that test taking had them biting them, licking them and forgetting to protect them.

We have the answer!  Lipz Lip Balm helps make peeling dry lips soft and smooth. 

For an extra special sweet treat, try Lipz Service Lip Scrub first! 

What’s in Lipz?

Shea Butter, Emu Oil,  Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Coconut Oil, Non GMO Soybean Oil, Vitamin E Oil



Suggested Use:

Lipz is pure, gentle Shea Butter and a touch of Botanical oils. That’s it! So it can be use all day, every day, or as often as you prefer to keep lips soft and smooth.

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