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No More Makeupz Eye & Face Makeup Remover



No More Makeupz cuts through the toughest makeup, including waterproof. And, because it is only pure Botanical Oils, it also nourishes and moisturizes the gentle eye and face area.


Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Coconut Oil, Non GMO Soybean Oil, Vitamin E Oil





What a fantastic day!! You bounced out of bed at 6 am, exercised and ate right. You had meeting after meeting and you still looked and sounded like the professional you are. 

You met your friends for dinner and laughed till your sides hurt. Everyone commented about your new outfit and how flawless your makeup looked. You happily shared all your shopping finds and new makeup secrets. You finally get home around 10 pm and you are exhilarated, but exhausted. Truthfully, all you want to do is fall into bed. And then you remember. 

One of the cool new makeup secrets you discovered is also the easiest and best way to remove all that glamour and make you look naturally gorgeous.You learned that cleaning out the pores pretty much guarantees healthier, more glowing skin. You head into the bathroom and realize that the 4 minutes in the short run that you are dedicating to this cleansing habit will make you look years younger in the long run.

Suggested Use:

No More Makeupz gently cleans every trace of makeup away, including waterproof mascara and it moisturizes your delicate eye skin area and face at the same time! Dab a few drops on your fingers and massage into eyes and face. If wearing waterproof, it will take a few extra seconds. Wipe off makeup and oil with tissue. For really heavy makeup, you might need to do this process twice. You are ready for Facez, Scrubz+, ScrubzBody Scrub or any other facial wash.


ScrubzBody Money Back Guarantee 

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2 ounces


  1. Connie P

    From NY to Paris
    Roberta has been trying for years to stop me from using my pillow case as a make up remover & try No More Makeupz. This was a genuine effort, to preserve my skin and treat it properly.

    I recently went to Paris & I followed my normal routine of a purchase of a travel size Scrubz. Once again Roberta mentioned “No More Makeupz & gave me a little bottle to try. I visited family there & my Aunt was using a clear astringent on her face, that I knew from the sight of it, had to be an alcohol base, I was cringing for the sake of her skin. I pulled out my No More Makeupz & did as my Fairy Godmother instructed- simple swirl & apply & soft swoosh with cotton pad to remove. My skin drank in the goodness. I left the remainder there with my Aunt, I bought the big jar as soon as I got home.

    I would like to share the email I received from my Aunt in Paris upon my return home…”Connie – great to have you here for a visit…I have been using the makeup remover you left here & I love it, it took care of the dry spots on my face…as you know the water here is full of calcium & very harsh, I will be getting some when I get home.”

    Check out my other favorite…Bye Bye Bagz, throw out your cucumbers, this is the way to go!
    Stop clipping your soap coupons for the grocery store & head on over for something that will make you take your “morning shower” not just in the morning.

    P.S. I am not related to the Scrubz sisters in any way, I am just thrilled to have found Scrubz- one great product!

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