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Scrubblez Soapy Scrub with Shea Butter and Alegna Soap



Scrubblez takes our scrub to a fun, fabulous, and soapy place! We already sell the best-handcrafted soap made for us by Alegna®, so when we wanted to create a different type of soapy scrub, we headed right back to Angela. She created a specialty bar that grinds right up and whips right into our scrub. Then we add creamed Shea butter to the mix. 

What you get is a scrubby soap and a light moisturizer in one. Perfect for cooks, massage therapists, hairdressers, teachers, etc. Anyone who washes their hands all the time and needs to get right back to work.

Unscented smells like clean fresh soapy scrub. Nothing added to the mix!

Lemon Lime is a refreshing and bright scent that will break through the toughest odors, too!

Sweet Milk and Honey is one of our most beloved scents. Smells like a warm oatmeal cookie with a drizzle of honey on top.

Custom – Just let us know which ScrubzBody fragrance blend or some other scent on our list and we will whip it up for you! ScrubzBody Scent List




This scrub is made especially for those who constantly wash their hands and need to go right back to what they were doing without the extra moisturizing oils and butter left on the skin after using our Handz. 

Dampen hands and take about a nickel-sized amount of Scrubblez. Scrub and soap up! Rinse off completely. Dry hands and enjoy the right amount of moisturizer left behind.

Can be used on the body, too.

Permission to pamper…in a jar!

ScrubzBody Money Back Guarantee

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Additional information

Scrubblez Soapy Scrub

9 oz. Custom Scent, 9 oz. Lemon Lime, 9 oz. Sweet Milk and Honey, 9 oz. Unscented


  1. Roberta P

    Hi Leslie, Your review makes us so happy. First that you love Scrubblez and second that you shared it here. TY TY TY! xo

  2. Leslie R.

    I recently went into the Scrubz store to purchase one of my other favorite products, the Bye Bye Bagz, when I came across this product and purchased in the sweet milk and honey scent. I was looking for a hand scrub/soap to help exfoliate and moisturize my extremely dry hands. Scrubblez exceeded all of my expectations with its ability to soften hands and clean them simultaneously. The scent is amazing and I love the way it makes my skin feel afterwards. You can still feel the shea butter on your hands after rinsing, but without any greasy residue. I use regular hand soap for routine washing, but make sure to use this at least once or twice a day. Given all of the hand sanitizer and extra hand washing that I’m doing during the pandemic, this product has really helped to combat my dry skin, I think I may need to purchase another jar just to use as an exfoliating body wash in the shower! I can now add it to my list of favorite products from the Scrubz line. I would love it if the Scrubblez could also come in a pump bottle, but I’m not sure if that’s possible given the thickness of the scrub. If it is possible to do so, I hope you will consider offering the product in a pump bottle as well. Overall, I love the Scrubblez hand wash and will continue to purchase it in the future, I highly recommend this product and think others will definitely enjoy it as much as I do!

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