Bye Bye Bugz Fabulously Fragrant Roll-On



You plan the perfect vacation or a day trip to the beach, or even just time sitting outside with a nice cup of coffee.

The last thing you need is bugs. Those creepy, crawly, flying, noisy, and vastly annoying creatures.

Necessary for the ecosystem of course, but not for your time outside! You also don’t want to use harsh chemical bug sprays, because you know they can’t be great for you or the environment either.

Enter Bye Bye Bugz. (For the legal record here, this is NOT a repellent, it’s a smell DETERRENT) But it works!

Bye Bye Bugz is the same base as our Fabulously Fragrant Roll-On, but it’s scented with the “get away from me, bugs” scent of lemongrass, peppermint, lavender and more! 

You can even use it on your face and the littlest of kids!

With Bye Bye Bugz always around, you have nothing to lose, except the creepy, crawly, spidery things or the ones with multiple legs. Or the flying gnats. Or the green flies. Ugh!!



Permission to Pamper

Bye Bye Bugz lotion is perfect to use before picnics, at the beach, or hikes on the trail. It keeps those nasty, annoying bugs away! But in hot weather it can melt, so we recommend using it at home, before you go out for the day, or leaving it in a cooler with ice.

As a solution, we have added the perfectly portable, Fabulously Fragrant Roll-On of Bye Bye Bugz to the family!

Bye Bye Bugz can be used as often as you need and can be used on every body part including the face. There are only pure oils in this bug-deterring Roll-On, so less is more.

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Bye Bye Bugz

2 oz., 8 oz.


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