ScrubzBody Duo for January is Scrubz+ and Balmz



We always offer incredible value, but we also love finding ways to save you money! Especially when it’s on a duo that is without a shadow of a doubt, 2 of our best products!

What’s 20% off for you this month? Scrubz+ and Balmz!

Scubz+is next truly level. It has been whipped and whipped and whipped some more (loving every second) with Shea butter and Emu oil. A little creamier. A little more moisturizing.

Balmz is for when you need something thicker than an ordinary lotion. Boatloads of Shea butter are blended with Emu oil and our botanical oil blend. Seriously soothing.


Skin happiness occurs when you use great products. Wallet happiness occurs when you save money by buying them together. ScrubzBody Duos are a perfect way to bundle up and save!

Items must be purchased from this page, not from the individual items.

All of January, get an 18oz. Scrubz+ and a Balmz for $49.60. A $62 value! Get a 9 oz. Scrubz+ and Balmz for $41.60, normally $52!  

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Duo with 9 oz. jar, Duos with 18 oz. Jar


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