Oilz+ Shea Butter & Botanical Oil Lotion in Sassy Citron (discontinued scent)



Oilz+ Shea butter & Botanical Oil Lotion is whipped Shea butter and Botanical Oils. That’s it! No water. No alcohols. No preservatives. No fillers at all. Just pure skin-loving nourishment created for you.

Think back to the best skin-related experience you ever had. Was it a hug from your Mom? Was it a gentle touch from your spouse? Makes you smile, doesn’t it?

Now, what if the skin you were hugging were rough and scaly? You’d remember that, too, right?

Why not make every skin-touching experience happily memorable? When you have soft and smooth skin, it makes you feel confident and glowing with health.

Oilz+ is the lotion to get you there.



Permission to Pamper!  Oilz+ is the answer to soft and smooth skin!

Sassy Citron – Fragrance hits emotional times. It hits happy times. It reminds you of people and places and things. Sassy Citron is that kind of scent! It was born when we were trying to mimic a fragrance that a client liked, but instead, we created something we liked better. Sassy Citron is both sultry and sassy at the same time. Heady Ylang ylang is blended with tangy, sweet Tangerine, Lavender, Tuberose, Bergamot, and a few more! – DISCONTINUED SCENT – GRAB IT BEFORE IT’S GONE!

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2 oz. Sassy Citron, 8 oz. Sassy Citron


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