ScrubzBody Duo for March is Bye Bye Bagz and Facez



Great products make your skin feel better and your happy place feel happier. It’s about taking care of yourself in the most basic of ways with a little extra something-something.

Wallet happiness occurs when you get to save 20% by buying them together as a Duo! Yes! 20% off on 2 of our products that go hand in hand or face to face or feet to the body and all those other combinations we come up with.

What’s 20% off for you in the ScrubzBody Duo this month? Bye Bye Bagz and Facez!!

Bye Bye Bagz is not only the best undereye and face cream, but it is one of those products that you go back to again and again anytime you need a calming, soothing cream for all other areas of your skin.

Facez helps balance your skin and keeps it properly moisturized and soft.


Items must be purchased from this page, not from individual items. All of March it’s Bye Bye Bagz and Facez! Perfect for making your face clean, clear and super soft!

The larger size of Bye Bye Bagz and Facez retails for $62, the duo is $49.60.

The smaller size of Bye Bye Bagz and Facez retails for $44, the duo is $35.20

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Facez and .20 oz. Bye Bye Bagz, Facez and .5 oz. Bye Bye Bagz


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