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Close your eyes. Think of a scent that literally makes you smile. Don’t overthink it. There you go. There’s that smile. So, was it citrus or sweet?  A floral or an earthy scent? Fragrance choice is a wonderful and personal decision. Now you can try out one or a few of the most popular signature scents we make, or try all of them! You have a choice of a single scent, our 5 pack, or if you want to really indulge and save a bit more, go for the 14 scent sampler! It includes all our signature scents and seasonal. It does not include specialty and donation scents.

FOR ALL SAMPLES WHERE YOU HAVE TO PICK A SCENT: Please select your scent in the “requested scent box”.

Makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love!  

For Potential Private Label Customers:

Full Sampler – Contains 2 signature ScrubzBody Scrub samples, a Scrubz+, Handz, Feetz, and Facez sample, a Balmz and Butterz Sample, a Lipz Service Sample, and a small 1/2 oz. sample of Oilz+ and Face Oilz. Please select your scrub scents. For a full sample of Oilz+ click here. For a full sample of Face Oilz, click here.

Mixed Sampler – Contains 3 signature ScrubzBody Scrub scent samples, a Handz Hand Scrub sample, Butterz Cream Sample, and Lipz Service Lip Scrub Sample. Please select your scrub scents.

5-Scent Sampler – Contains 5 signature ScrubzBody Scrub scent samples. Please select your scents.

14-Scent Sampler – Contains all 14 of our signature ScrubzBody Scrub scent samples.

Other products we have that you may want to sample:

Scrubz+ Creamier and more nourishing because Balmz cream with Shea Butter and Pure Refined Emu Oil is whipped right in. For extra sensitive skin and for those who want even more moisturizing. – Unscented

Facez – Triple whipped with 25% more jojoba oil. Perfect for teens and tweens or those with blemishes or other skin irritations. – Unscented

Handz – Whipped with pure Shea Butter. Extra moisturizing and a bit more creamy. We blended 5 different citrus scents like tangerine, pink grapefruit, and lemon. 

Feetz – Like Handz, Feetz is whipped with pure Shea Butter and is also extra moisturizing and creamy. This one smells like a raspberry-lemon, mint mojito! So refreshing for your feet!

Shavez – Triple whipped with 25% more jojoba oil. Incredible for guys who want a super close, irritation-free, and ingrown hair-free shave. – Spicy and Fresh

Balmz – Pure Shea Butter and naturally anti-inflammatory Emu oil are whipped with a bit of our 8 nourishing oils. For face and body.  – Unscented

Butterz – Pure Shea Butter is whipped with just a touch of our 8 botanical oils. So thick and hydrating! – Unscented

Lipz Service – We whipped pure Shea Butter into our scrub and then flavored it. Polishes and moisturizes lips at the same time. – Coconut Cream

Face Oilz – Botanical oil cleanser and makeup remover. Great for mini-facials, as well. Full-sized Face Oilz samples can be purchase here

Oilz+ Shea Butter and Botanical Oil Full-sized lotion samples can be purchased here


Try a few or all of our most popular fragrances in a convenient 2 oz. size. Perfect for travel (check out our travel bag) or to see which scents are your favorite! Choose 1 scent, 5 scents, or get all 14! 

ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub Scent Choices and Best Use Information:


  • Citrus Burst – A fresh burst of fragrance, Pink Grapefruit & Bergamot are blended to create this awesome scented scrub.
  • Citrus Zest – Tangerine is blended with Grapefruit & Lemon to create this zesty fragrance.
  • CocoLime – We put the lime in the coconut. Your senses will go on vacation. Need we say more? 


  • Jasmine Honeysuckle – This is one of those fragrances that just takes your breath away. It smells like the early welcoming of Spring.
  • Lavender – Lavender has been known the world over for its naturally occurring ability to make people say ahhh! Ours is just like that. Or even better!


  • Ginger Teaze -This scent feels like you stepped into the spa. Clean, fresh White Tea and Ginger are enhanced with a dash of Lemon.
  • Lemon Eucalyptus – Beyond fresh, this blend is memorable long after you have showered. Tangy, sweet, citrusy, and fresh!


  • Beauty Bear (in memory of Scrubz Sister, Michelle) – (with FDA-safe Flavor oils) – This candy-like scrub is scented to smell like Sweettarts® Michelle’s favorite candy
  • Cherry Almond Burst – Bursting with cherry freshness, this scent is also blended with Almond, Grapefruit, and Bergamot.
  • Coconut Milk – Coconut is whipped with Sweet Milk and Honey to create this amazing and dreamy scent.
  • Sweet Milk & Honey – This cozy, wonderful scent is like a soft blanket of scent. I swear, it smells like oatmeal cookies and the milk to dunk them
  • Warm Vanilla – This scent seriously smells like warm baked cookies. No, really. I’m not kidding! 


  • Exotic Musk – This gentle musk also has a hint of citrus. It’s a soft, earthy blend.

SEASONAL SCENTS – Please note, whatever the season it is, that is the scent that will be included. If you order Winter Wonderland during the Spring, you are still going to get the Spring Sensation. 🙂

  • Fall Harvest – Tangy and sweet apple is mixed with hints of pear and pomegranate. Fresh!
  • Winter Wonderland –  I swear this smells like fresh snow!. Milk & Honey sweetens the freshness of this great Winter fragrance
  • Spring Sensation  – Clean and sweet. That is what Spring Sensation smell like. Cotton Blossom, Pear, and Ginger are the reasons why.
  • Summer Daze  – Oh this scent is so fresh and clean. Cucumber is blended with sweet Pear and hints of White Tea & Ginger

ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub can be used daily, on every body part, public and private. (Yes! even there) but we recommend 1-3x a week. It cleans dirt and polishes away dry skin.

How to make the most of your Sugar Scrub: Get ready for a shower experience like none other. Of course, we can tell you that great music, soft lights, and a locked door create the ultimate scrub experience, but we would be lying if we didn’t also tell you that you can use the scrub instead of your normal soap or cleanser, as often as you want, and you can do it in just a few minutes. The instructions here give you a good idea of what we have found works best, but, seriously, you do you. If you only want to use it once a week. Great. Every day? Sure! If you are an “I scrub my feet and hands only” person, ok! If you want to use it head to toe, go for it. But we ask one thing, to use the scrub with the intention it was created for. Treating your skin properly and with love. Do we use natural ingredients? Of course, we do. But we also whip love and dedication into every single jar and that is what you will feel the most. And your skin will be crazy soft!

  • Dampen your skin
  • Take about a quarter-sized amount of ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub and gently spread it out on both of your hands. This ensures an even application and helps prevent any falling on the floor
  • Polish, cleanse, and scrub all your willing body parts. Repeat for other parts
  • Step back under the water and rinse all the sugar off
  • If you are going to shave, use the natural oils left on your skin instead of shaving cream
  • Pat or towel dry
  • Massage the natural oils into your skin

Click here for custom fragrances and our ingredients list.

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Sample Sets

Balmz with Emu Sample, Butterz Sample, Facez Face Scrub Sample, Feetz Foot Scrub Sample, Full Sample Set, Handz Hand Scrub Sample, Lipz Service Lip Scrub Sample, Mixed Sample Set- 3 Scrubz, 1 Butterz, 1 Lipz Service, 1 Handz, Scrubz+ with Shea and Emu Oil Sample, Shavez Shaving Scrub Sample, Single Sample, 14 Scent Sample Set, 5 Scent Sample Set


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