The 5 Key Things You Need to Start a Scrub or Skincare Business – Advice from the trenches of 17+ years!



Roberta’s been advising on the whatchamacallits and whoozamawhats of starting a small skin care biz for years and finally, after enough people telling her to offer it as a service, she has! Consultz by Roberta is what Laura of Olive My Skin Candles called it! 🙂

From kitchen to garage to a production facility/party place/storefront, ScrubzBody has been serving up the best me-time skincare and customer service since 2006. With these 17 years of doing business, Roberta has learned a thing or two. Her background also includes years as a graphic designer, so advice on logos and branding is a specialty as well.

The course includes:

Products: What do you want to make? How many products are you considering for your line?

Pricing: Pricing products properly- COGs are key!

People: How to define your audience and make them your tribe! Find the right customers who need the solution your products solve.

Product Plan: Design and Branding advice to help you discover the unique product look you want to create.

Promotion: How to get FREE publicity for your business! I wrote a book about it, which I’ll give you as a free digital download on your first call

So, if you are ready to stop mixing and making and jarring and labeling for a minute or two and learn the nitty-gritty of the business side, this conversation and information is for YOU!


What you’ll get:

One hour or three of Roberta’s time on the phone at a mutually scheduled, uninterrupted time. You will be called soon after you place your order to set up the appointment(s). If it is at night or weekend, you will be called the next business day.

An Information Packet will be emailed to you after the call which highlights the main discussion points.

A few follow-up questions may be asked via email after the call and information packet are sent.

Need a quick refresher on what you probably already know but need tweaking? Go for one hour.

Need a more in-depth conversation and insider information? Sign up for 3 hours. They can be 2-90 minute sessions or 3-1 hour. 

Want to purchase Private Label Sugar Scrub and Skincare? [click here]


Additional information

How to Start a Skincare Biz

1 hour, 3 hour


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