ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub for the tips of your ears

It always amazes me how the conversation about our ScrubzBody™ Sugar Scrub goes from one person to another, even when they just met! When I see the conversation go on like it did, I realize that we have created quite a solid community. That makes me really happy.

It all began on Monday, when a few customers were in the shop at the same time.

One customer was a ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub virgin and the other 2 were repeat customers One is even considered a brand ambassador and this particular day that title served her well. The new customer asked, “Can I use this product to scrub my face”? “Yes!” came the reply. But it wasn’t from me.

Another customer was there getting a refill of her 3 jars.

She chimed in before I had a chance to. She went on to tell the new customer how she used from “nose to toes and every where in between”. She was pretty much quoting me, but who was I to argue. Then she said how she used to use the scrub only on her feet because she likened it to a home pedicure. And then she moved up to feet and elbows. And so on up her body, She then mentioned how her face has not felt so young. I giggled to myself and kept my mouth shut. She said she had been hoarding it, because while not very expensive, it was more than the scrub she used to purchase, and she was trying to be frugal. But then she loved how it made her skin feel. And then she found out about our refill program.

With refills you can save the earth and save money at the same time.

The other customer, a repeater, but not a re-filler, started asking questions about the cost difference. I answered some, my customer answered others. It was so funny. And then, this 3rd customer mentioned that she was in Mexico on vacation and used it to scrub herself from head to toe, to avoid peeling. “Even on the tips of my ears!”, she said. We all laughed at the image of her kneading her earlobes with scrub to make sure they were as soft as the rest of her.

Then it became a contest about who uses it more.

Back and forth about scents and favorite way to use it they went. I thought the new customer might be annoyed that the other 2 women had taken over the conversation, but instead, she turned to them and asked more questions. It was almost like I wasn’t in the room. Until they all turned back at me with a smile and said, “Look what you started!”.

I seriously get the biggest kick out of this when it happens because I seriously have the best customers.

It was a great day!