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Sales Rep Program

You love how ScrubzBody™ products make you & your skin feel. You share this feeling with all your family and friends. Why not make money selling what you love

The Opportunity

Why ScrubzBody™ Skin Care Products are so great to sell to your family, friends, colleagues and anyone lucky enough to know you.

  • ScrubzBody are products that can be used regularly, so you’ll have repeat customers.
  • Flexible hours based on your schedule.
  • Sales Reps can host ScrubzBody parties to gain a larger sales audience.
  • Party Host/Hostess other than Sales Rep will be entitled to ScrubzBody product gifts equivalent to 20% of retail party sales.
  • You get management sales support at all times!

The Details

We have to have some rules and requirements or it wouldn’t be fair (at least according to our mom).

  • Sales Reps must purchase a ScrubzBody Skin Care Products Sales Kit for $300.00 ($499.00 Value).
  • Sales Reps get special discounts on all ScrubzBody products as long as they are active in the program. If no sales are made within 4 months from time of sales kit purchase, rep forfeits their discount. Another kit or order of equal value may be purchased to continue active status.
  • Free Domestic Shipping on all orders over $200. All orders will be shipped USPS Priority, unless otherwise specified, and will be billed at a flat rate of of $9.
  • Sales representative agrees not to represent, nor sell, any skin care/body care/bath care line other than ScrubzBody, which would be in direct conflict of interest to Scrubz Body Scrub Inc.

Sales Kit Includes:

  • 1-16 oz. jar of ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub in Unscented & 1-8 oz jar of Scrubz+ for demo purposes
  • Scent and Product Testers for all products in the ScrubzBody Skin Care Products Line, excluding Donation and Limited Edition scents.
  • Seasonal scents will be distributed at the start of their respective season.
  • Mini plastic spatulas • Brochures / Product Information Sheets / Order Forms / 30 Business Cards
  • All additional products or materials can be purchased at sales rep discount.
  • Additional ScrubzBody Sales Rep Kits, may be purchased once every 6 months at the original discounted rate.

“Pretty Darn Early” Sales Incentives

  • For every $650.00 sold get $50.00 product credit
  • Refer a sales rep or store and if they sign on and purchase, get $100.00 product credit
  • Reps may refill their empty jars of ScrubzBody scrub up to 4x a month at their discounted price.

Contact us to learn more or join a program. 516 827 0800 or [email protected]

Or….Maybe you want us to help you create your own line of body care products? ScrubzBody now offers Private Label scrub and lotion! Click Here for more details!