Sales Rep Program

You love how ScrubzBody products make you & your skin feel. You share this feeling with all your family and friends. Why not make money selling what you love

The Opportunity

Why ScrubzBody Skin Care Products are so great to sell to your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone lucky enough to know you.

  • ScrubzBody are products that can be used regularly, so you’ll have repeat customers.
  • Flexible hours based on your schedule.
  • Sales Reps can host ScrubzBody parties to gain a larger sales audience.
  • Party Host/Hostess other than Sales Rep will be entitled to ScrubzBody product gifts equivalent to 20% of retail party sales.
  • You get management sales support at all times!

The Details

We have to have some rules and requirements or it wouldn’t be fair (at least according to my mom).

  • Sales Reps must purchase a ScrubzBody Skin Care Products Sales Kit for $400 ($598.00 Value).
  • Sales Reps get special discounts on all ScrubzBody products as long as they are active in the program. If no sales are made within four (4) months from the time of sales kit purchase, rep forfeits their discount. Another kit or order of equal value may be purchased to continue active status.
  • Free Domestic Shipping on all orders over $200. All orders will be shipped USPS Priority, unless otherwise specified, and will be billed at a flat rate of $9.
  • Sales representative agrees not to represent, nor sell, any skincare/body care/bath care line other than ScrubzBody, which would be in direct conflict of interest to Scrubz Body Scrub Inc.

Sales Kit Includes:

  • (1) 18 oz. jar of ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub in Unscented & (1) 9 oz jar of Scrubz+ for demo purposes. Scent testers for all other ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub, excluding Donation and Limited Edition scents.
  • Full-Sized Product Testers for all other products in the ScrubzBody Skin Care Products Line, excluding Calmz (this product is retail only) and Shampoo and Conditioner (we private label those, we don’t make them).
  • Seasonal scents will be distributed at the start of their respective season.
  • Mini plastic spatulas • Brochures / Product Information Sheets / Order Forms / 30 Business Cards
  • All additional products or materials can be purchased at the sales rep discount.
  • Additional ScrubzBody Sales Rep Kits may be purchased once every 6 months at the original discounted rate.

“Pretty Darn Early” Sales Incentives

  • For every $650.00 sold get $50.00 product credit
  • Refer a sales rep or store and if they sign on and purchase, get $100.00 product credit
  • Reps may refill their empty jars of ScrubzBody scrub 2x a month at the representative price.

Contact us to learn more or join a program. 516 827 0800 or [email protected]

Or… Maybe you want us to help you create your own line of body care products? ScrubzBody now offers Private Label scrub and lotion! Click Here for more details!