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We did it! We’ve been talking about a way to expand our one on one customer experience without having to open a completely new location. The solution was a location within a location! Lucky for me, I’ve been a customer of Freddy Mattera, the owner of Waves in Smithtown, located at 100 E.Main Street, in the shopping center that has Fresh Market, on the corner of Rt. 111 and Main St, for years. He is a colorist extraordinaire if you are looking for color and are in the Smithtown area.

One day, as I was getting my color done (believe it or not this reddish brown hair thing I’ve got going on my head is 100% covering what would be a total head of gray! Yes shocking, I know? LOL!) I mentioned to Freddy about my idea of expansion in a mini-version. He loved the idea and pointed toward the window at the front of the shop. The makeup vendor was leaving and the space would be opening up in a couple of months.  I said yes!

So, we packed up lots of product, got the furniture and storage piece, and moved everything over late September and set up our mini-shop! Every time we are there we will have our demo station set up, so come on down and sample our scrub and lotions and more!

Because of limited space, the satellite store will not have refills, nor custom scents, and have fewer items. We will, however, take your empties or your custom scent order, fill it all in Farmingdale and bring them back. We will also bring you anything you want from our other store. Even gift certificates! Just ask.
Easy, right? 

Now here’s the cool part. We are officially open on Thursdays from 3:30-7:30, Fridays from 1:00-5:00 and Saturdays from 11:00-5:00, however if we are not there and you want to pick something up, the amazing staff behind the desk at Waves will get it for you.

So basically, we are open for sales whenever Waves is open. If you need something or have a question when we are not there, just call 516 827 0800 during any business day.

We are thrilled to bring the ScrubzBody Skin Care experience to Smithtown and the Suffolk area. Come on down for a visit, a hand scrub and a hug.

Then let us know how we can serve you!