Sense of smell and why your friends might not agree with your favorite

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ScrubzBody Scrubz JarsScent is such a personal choice.

Of all the senses, your sense of smell is the one that is most closely tied to your emotions. So it should be no surprise that specific scents will not only trigger a memory good or bad, but can actually evoke a feeling inside you that hits you from head to toe. It’s no wonder we are so protective of our favorite fragrances and will go out of our way to convince others that they are the best. Of course we totally forget that maybe, just maybe that other person has their own favorite scent and a true reason it is so special to them.

With this knowledge in mind, I am still laughing at what just happened at our shop.

3 friends came into the store to pick out some gifts and get their ScrubzBody scrub jars refilled. While they were smelling all of the scents they were making comments back and forth amongst themselves.

Here is how some of the conversation went:

L- I absolutely love the smell of Warm Vanilla. Reminds me of cookies!
B- Ugg… I don’t ever want to smell like a cookie.
S- It’s too sweet
L- You are both wrong. It’s delicious!!
B- Now Lavender! That’s the scent for me. Calming, and pretty and so feminine.
S- It smells like my grandmother’s closet. I think she had sachets with lavender.
L- It’s ok, but I can take it or leave it.
B- You are both crazy. It’s one of the most beautiful scents out there. Roberta, don’t you agree with me?  (I keep my opinions to myself)
S – Ohh… ladies, smell this one! (Citrus Burst)
L- No, it’s too tangy
B- I like that one, but the other one is better, you know, the one with the tangerine. (Citrus Zest)
S- No, this one is better.
L- How about Sweet Milk and Honey?
S- It was Michelle’s favorite (my late sister) I’ve had it, it’s good
B – Too sweet. Smells like oatmeal cookies. What’s with you and the cookies? (at this point I am snickering)
L- Are you kidding. It’s so good. Your nose must be broken!
B – Maybe CocoLIme?
L – Oh, I think I like that one, yes.
S- Smells like Summer all year round. Fresh. Yes, that works


So I think to myself that they are all going to get CocoLime. Well, they DIDN’T!  L bought the Warm Vanilla, B bought the Lavender and S did buy the CocoLime. LOL