Soothe the chapping and dryness.

Leave the house without worrying if you put your foundation on.

Be silently (or not so silently) amazed at how soft and dewy your skin feels.

That’s what great skincare does for you.


What is hot, what is new, what is seasonal, just for you! We love creating new scent combinations, bringing back the classics, showcasing the duo, and highlighting something special. That’s what this section is about!

Pumpkin Pie Scrub with Halloween Spoon

It's crunchy leaves, cool, crisp nights and pumpkin pie time!

Pumpkin with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Yes, it really smells like pie. Yes, it lingers in the air and on your skin. Yes, it has no “pants too tight” consequences.

Fall Harvest ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub

Warm Days and Crisp Nights! It's Fall (y'all) Harvest Time!!

The scent of apple pies baking. The joy of delicious pomegranate juice dripping down your chin. Pears that are ripe and sweet. That is what Fall Harvest smells like!

Facez and Face Oilz for clear gorgeous skin

Facez & Face Oilz is a fabulous duo! Get yours!

Two of our best products combined this month to save you 20%! Facez helps you face the day with clear, smooth and moistured skin! Face Oilz takes off makeup like nobody’s business!

October 2022 Limited Edition ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub Cinnamon Crunch

OH yes we did! Cinnamon Crunch will have your senses smiling!

Certain scents remind you, more than others, of a wonderful & special memory. Cinnamon Crunch is it. Cinnamon, Milk & Honey with a dash of Cherry and Lemon. OMG good!


For soft skin-loving smarties who want low-fuss skincare with high-fuss results.

Our products are 100% active ingredients which are way greater than the 25% active ingredients found in most products, even the expensive ones.

Seriously, most lotions and other skincare contain 75% water! Ours has none.

ScrubzBody is the handcrafted skincare magic that will “abracadabra” your skin into soft, glowing, flake-free, greet the world with a sassy smile gorgeousness!


Showering can be a quick in and out endeavor, using whatever happens to be on sale at the supermarket, or an experience that celebrates you.

We believe you not only deserve this kind of self-love for your soul but your skin clamors for it.

ScrubzBody has products that do both.

Satisfying your skin’s needs & wants is our only mission. Welcome to the family!

What our customers have to say:

“After using Scrubz for the very first time in the shower my towel glided over my body as if it was on a sheet of glass…it was at that moment that I knew this product was unlike any other….absolutely amazing results…

We Love SCRUBZ!”

Laura C

5 stars! 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 I absolutely LOVE Scrubz products. Facez is my favorite – I have slightly oily skin and usually break out on my chin or nose once a month, but I haven’t had a single pimple on my face since I started using Facez. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!

Kristen B

“I have 2 favorite scents- Jasmine Honeysuckle and Citrus Zest. Those are just 2 and it is very hard to pick favorites among all the ones I love. You can’t beat the way the products work, especially the scrubs. I hope this company is around for a long, long time!”

Janet C

“I absolutely love All Scrubzbody Products! Roberta has become my mentor over the last few months. She has blessed me with the opportunity to start my own business with her Private Labeling. Thankful she’s willing to share her knowledge with me & other Small Businesses!!”

NeNe T

ScrubzBody Stories

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