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The Skincare You Need and The Pampering You Crave…All in One!!



When you need Permission  to pamper! 

Does your skin ever make you feel embarrassed because it doesn’t look or feel smooth and soft.

Does it itch or make you suffer in any way? Is there redness?

Well that’s why we handcrafted our body scrubs, creams and lotions with you in mind.

We created products that not only pamper and care for your skin, but treat it just the way it needs to be treated.

The Skin and Health Connection

Acts of Self-Loving Kindness Help You De-Stress!

Acts of Self-Loving Kindness Help You De-Stress!

These are truly stressful times. 2020. My word! Stressful doesn't even come close to how we all will remember this year. The pressure of caring for ourselves and worrying about our loved ones grows as quickly as the pile of unpaid bills. We begin to feel anxious,...

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When friends “fight” over fragrance

When friends “fight” over fragrance

The fragrance of something is such a personal choice.  I usually lean toward Citrus Zest, Sassy Citron, or Jasmine Honeysuckle, my late sister, Michelle adored Sweet Milk and Honey and Coconut Milk, and not much of anything else, Wendy loves anything minty, fresh, or...

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How The Scrubz First Came To Be

How The Scrubz First Came To Be

Many of you know I started the company because my skin was dry and irritated, but the story of how I began ScrubzBody is really a story of wanting one product that did it all. I knew myself. I was not going to do any long drawn out skincare regime. And so I did...

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