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This Fall, Get The Skincare You Want and the Pampering You Crave All in One!

Get Pampered!

When you need Permission  to pamper! 

Does your skin ever make you feel embarrassed because it doesn’t look or feel smooth and soft.

Does it itch or make you suffer in any way? Is there redness?

Well that’s why we handcrafted our body scrubs, creams and lotions with you in mind.

We created products that not only pamper and care for your skin, but treat it just the way it needs to be treated.

The Skin and Health Connection

Smell Good, Feel Good and Do Good at The Same Time 😎

Smell Good, Feel Good and Do Good at The Same Time 😎

When we started in 2006, we did so with a mission of charity immediately. It was The Breast of Everything scent which was the first and we were we thrilled to be supporting a local kick butt charity like The WTFC. We then added 5 more local and extraordinary charities...

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NEW satellite location at Waves Salon in Smithtown, NY!  For the FULL ScrubzBody Experience – Including Massages, Reflexology, Facial, Parties and more – Visit Our Farmingdale, NY location. 

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