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Cleanse, Polish, Moisturize, Done!

Multi-tasking,great for your body, awesome smelling skin care!

Simplified Skin Care

Your Skin Deserves To Feel This Good™

Once upon a time, Roberta’s skin was flaky, irritated and dry. She was neglecting herself and her skin.

After discovering exfoliating type products, she set out to make a better version, using the 20+ jars lining her bathroom shelves as her starting point. 

Wth extensive trial and error, a botanical oil & sugar scrub was born. It cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes skin in one easy step replacing traditional cleansers.

Using the scrub also preps skin for shaving and the botanical oils that are left on skin replace shaving cream.

Michelle joined the business and in June 2006 ScrubzBody™ was officially born. 

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