Amy Lisa: I just want to let you know that your body and face Scrubz work wonderfully on my 4-year-old son who suffers from severe eczema. It is by far the best product besides the steroid cream that the doctor prescribes (but who wants to keep using that) that helps with his flareups. I have literally tried everything and your product is by far the best and it’s NATURAL!! Thank you so much!!
Barry M: My wife’s lips are now extra kissable.
Jill G: So I am a little ashamed to admit that I went out for a 2-hour walk without sunscreen yesterday. My back got burned pretty bad. Last night, I knew it was going to be tough to sleep. I asked my husband to put Oilz+ on my back to soothe the burn. It worked perfectly! Had a very pleasant night’s sleep!! Thank you, Roberta and Wendy, for such a great product!
Cara M: OMGoodness!! I decided to give myself a pedicure this evening and used FEETZ for the first time! Love, love, love it! I love it so much I want to use it in the shower tomorrow!
Carol M: Years ago I used a product (Think pink car), that used to make my lips wonderful. This is better! More natural, exfoliates, and kicks its butt!! Thanks for luscious lips! Love your entire line!
Susan G: My nighttime routine. Skin feels so soft and the yummy scent follows me to bed!
Jill G: Love, love, love the flip top lids on my scrub!!! 
Melissa R: I LOVE using my custom watermelon scented Scrubz and thinking of the warmth of summer!
Karen F: I love how Scrubz prepares me for each new day. The scents wash over me and stay with me all day long. I always feel fully dressed when my skin is at its very best!
Maryann: I have thrown out every other ‪cream‬ and ‪lotion‬ I had before. You’ve made an old dog, into a new younger looking dog. Love this product.
Erin F: I have been battling a miserable cold for the past few days and it is taking a toll on my skin (lips and nose). The cold weather certainly isn’t helping BUT this little miracle in a jar is working wonders! Thank you for creating something that provides immediate relief xoxo.
Lisa W: It may be dry and cold in Texas but my skin is still looking fabulous thanks to Scrubz! I used to always have red bumps on my arms and legs during the winter but after discovering Scrubz the bumps are gone. I happily use Scrubz year-round, rotating scents depending on the time of year and my mood. My other favorite product is Bye Bye Bagz which keeps my eyes happily moisturized. Not only that, it isn’t overly oily- I can still use it during daytime underneath eye makeup with no issues! Love Scrubz, just wishing for the day when I can buy it in my local Whole Foods! 
Vaughn: I do love your product, it’s cleared my skin and is slowly removing scars from blemishes. Thanks!
Nancy S: Rub a Dub Dub, Scrubz in the Tub!
Deirdre: By the way Roberta Perry. I Love Scrubz! I met you in Whole Foods a while back! Nice Work!
Gina: I would be lost without my Scrubz!!! Roberta Perry was a lifesaver when she recommended Scrubz for my face!!! I was a mess!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!
Christine: I absolutely love this scent, and I cannot imagine showering every day without it. Scrubz makes you feel so clean. And, it’s an all-purpose “cleaner.” From head to toe, Scrubz cleans and nourishes your skin without harsh chemicals. Cool Classic is so refreshing and makes you feel oh-so-clean!
Shannon: I cannot think of a better way to spend holiday gift cards than on Scrubz products!
Cheryl L: Thank you, Roberta! Love your products ps the new top for the Scrubz is really awesome I’ll have to pick up more next time.
Caitlin S: Favorite presents under my tree? Scrubz, of course! If I can’t come to the store, the store comes to me!
Marguerite M: Hi my name is Marguerite and I’m addicted to Scrubz.
Megan S: Unpacking from a trip to Farmingdale, but not sure I brought enough Scrubz products back to Indiana with me!
Donna D: I won’t shower without my Scrubz…everyone around me is glad that I always have a backup. Gonna go get a refill once my shower is done.
Lisa S: I LOVE my Scrubz. Nuff said!
Fran B: Can’t fit all of my favorite Scrubz in the shower, but they are always within reach on the windowsill!
Daryl M: Winter… Watch out, I’m prepared this year!- When all else fails… Go back to nature! All-natural products that are gentle for all areas of your body. From the scrubs to the shea butter with emu oil creams you will feel rejuvenated. Waiting for you guys to create some awesome bath salts!
Kristin B: 5 stars absolutely LOVE Scrubz. Facez is my favorite – I have slightly oily skin and usually break out on my chin or nose once a month, but I haven’t had a single pimple on my face since I started using Facez. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!
Shea M: I love all your scents especially the specialty scents – something new every month! I think the fruitcake scent would be what a unicorn would smell like.
Karen P: Love your products. TY for making them. Please don’t stop.
Allison R: I also love and support your donation scents. My favorite scents are Ginger Zest and Lavender. I love the oils you use and the feel of the Lavender body scrub in the shower. Then I put on scented Balmz. I never have to purchase another perfume. I absolutely LOVE your product and share it with everyone I know (gifts and talk). Go Long Island!!!
Dee S: My absolute favorite scent is Sweet Milk and Honey.
Claire D: Love your products! I can’t choose a favorite because I love so many of them!
Janet C: I have 2 favorite scents- honeysuckle/jasmine and citrus zest. Those are just 2 and it is very hard to pick favorites among all the ones I love. You can’t beat the way the products work, especially the scrubs. I hope this company is around for a long, long time!
Karen B: Love your products. Recently tried Bye Bye Bagz and it seems to make a difference.
DJ: Lavender is the best scent, although I pretty much love your entire line.
Roxanne W: Mint and musk, love it fresh and sexy! 
Yvonne H: My favorite scent is Vanilla, I like the Alegna for Scrubz Soap  and the Warm Vanilla Natural Sugar Scrubz
Pat S: I love your body scrub. I just used a product from a Tupperware party where they had a body scrub. Of course, it can’t compare to your product. I have been given other products as gifts but I always go back to Scrubz. Thank You!
Alice F: My favorites are Ginger Teaze Scrubz, Ginger Zest Oilz+, and Unscented Balmz. Great products made by people who care!
Katie C: I love all the Scrubz products! …. It’s some of my favorite products to use!
Cheryl G: As you well know my favorite scents are Sweet Milk and Honey as well as the Wild Cherry Almond!!! I have all of the scents that are sweet-smelling with Vanilla.
Lisa M: Roberta….that unscented Scrubz plus is amazing!!!!!!
Leila T: I love your scrubs and my favorite scent is definitely warm vanilla.
Julie G: Yeah, I get terribly dry skin in the winter, especially on my legs, and nothing gets rid of that dry skin on my knees as well as Scrubz does! It really is a fantastic product!
Monika P: Everything is peachy! I have completely abandoned my soap bars and now only use the Scrubz as a cleanser. My skin has never been happier. Or clearer of blemishes I might add.
Courtney S: …I just wanted to tell you that I have fallen in love with your product and consider me a lifetime customer!!!
Laura C: After using Scrubz for the very first time in the shower my towel glided over my body as if it was on a sheet of glass…it was at that moment that I knew this product was unlike any other….absolutely amazing results…We Love SCRUBZ!
Alita M: Love your product! It’s the first thing I’ve found that my sensitive skin doesn’t react to, especially in the cold here in Alaska. My skin feels wonderful.
Cathy I: I wash my face with it and 2 minutes later, my skin feels like velvet. I keep asking my friends to feel how smooth my skin is now. Thank you!!
Barbara T: I was nervous and skeptical at first… but Scrubz is the first thing that has truly helped my patchy skin! The scaling is gone, and new healthier skin is coming in! THANK YOU!!
Alicia J: I used the Warm Vanilla this morning and the Citrus Burst the other day, and I honestly feel like a NEW woman!! I really really like the scrub. I want more information on becoming a Sales Rep!
Carol B: What a great product! It made my skin extremely moist and a wonderful feeling. It was like magic!
James T: Handz hand scrub is great! My hands get filthy from work and they have never gotten this clean or felt this “normal”!
Susan W: I got SUCH a Thank you for the birthday basket of Scrubz I gave my niece! Thank you!!
Kim S: Since using Scrubz I spend more time in the shower than a teenage boy!