ScrubzBody Gift Set in Matching Scents



Do you know when a scent just does it for you?

When it makes you feel so good that you want everything you are wearing or using to smell that way?

Our gift set has your back! (and front and head and toes)

It is filled with our ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub, Oilz+ Lotion, ScrubzBody Natural Soap made by Alegna, and Cubez Cubed Scrub. All in the same scent! Add a Lipz Service and FREE Lipz Lipz balm to the set and you have a fantastic way to pamper someone you love. Or at least care about a great deal and want to show them how awesome you really are in the gift-giving business! 🙂  

Choose from Cherry Almond Burst, Citrus Zest, Coconut Milk, Ginger Teaze, Jasmine Honeysuckle, Lavender, Unscented or Warm Vanilla



Permission to Pamper!

This “ooohs and ahhs” inspiring set will be loved by anyone you gift it to. The collection consists of the 4 products we make or carry in the same scents, plus a Lipz Service Lip Scrub in Sweet or Unscented with that choice and a FREE Lipz Lip Balm. 

(1) 18 or 9 oz. jar of multi-tasking ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub in your choice of 8 scents – This skin-loving, soul-pampering sugar scrub is a cleanser, exfoliator, pre-shave prep, shaving oil, and moisturizer all in one. 

(1) 8 oz. or 2 oz. bottle of Oilz+ Shea Butter and Botanical Oil Lotion – Lotion, elevated. 100% active ingredients and NO water added so a little goes a long way! Use it as a moisturizer or even massage oil. Try it on damped skin, right out of the shower, to really lock in moisture.

(1) 1.5 oz. cube of perfect to take with you anywhere, Cubez Cubed Scrub in your choice of 8 scents – It’s a perfect cube of scrubby joy. You’ll love how you can carry the pampering with you on the go! Just break off little pieces to use in public washrooms instead. 

(1) Bar of natural soap created for us by Alegna Soap – Made with organic botanical oils, lots of love, and our matching fragrances. Soap as it’s always meant to be.

(1) Lipz Service Sweet (or Unscented ) Lip Scrub Your lips have never had it so good. Our lickable lip scrub will polish away the dead, chapped skin on your lips and then leave them smooth, sassy, and very kissable!

(1) Lipz Lip Balm – Our Gift! Like a little pot of Shea butter gold. It nourishes, soothes, protects, and moisturizes even the driest lips!


Cherry Almond Burst – When you have the delectable scents of Cherry and Almond mixed with Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot you get a sweet and tart fragrance that will make you run to the shower!

Citrus Zest – Citrus Zest will have your mind skipping happily through an orchard of tangerine trees with a few pink grapefruits and lemons on the side. This “close your eyes and imagine you are away” type scent will refresh your senses!

Coconut Milk – Coconut Milk will have your senses smiling, and will make your nose as happy as your skin. The scent of creamy coconut, sweet milk, and honey blended together. Luscious and soft. Tangy and sweet.

Ginger Teaze – Take a step back. Take a moment to relax. The scent of Ginger Teaze is the most spa-smelling fragrance of them all. We blend white tea, spicy ginger, and a hint of lemon for a fragrant and joyful escape. You deserve it!

Jasmine Honeysuckle – When the Honeysuckle is in bloom in early Spring, it brings a newness and a freshness that mimic the joy of the season. Now just imagine that heady scent blended with sweet Jasmine.

Lavender – Can a lotion fragrance literally transport you? It can when it’s lavender! Every day stress just seems to melt away. It really is fascinating how a scent can change your entire mood. While this lotion makes your skin supple, soft, and moisturized, it also transports your senses. Ahhhhh…

Unscented – When you want no scent, nothing, zilch, nada, zero added to your 100% active ingredient skincare. It still smells fresh and clean just like the ingredients themselves! This set will include a Coconut Milk Cubez (we don’t make unscented but that is the lightest of the scents) and unscented Lipz Service, not the Sweet.

Warm Vanilla – When my late sister, Michelle, and I would walk into my grandma’s kitchen, we knew immediately when it was vanilla sugar cookie time. We captured that warm inviting, memory-inducing scent! You’ll love the memories.

Products will be wrapped together in a gorgeous cellophane wrapper with lots of ribbons!

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Gift Set

Cherry Almond Burst 18 oz., 8 oz. Oilz+, Cherry Almond Burst 9 oz., 2 oz. Oilz+, Citrus Zest 18 oz., 8 oz. Oilz+, Citrus Zest 9 oz., 2 oz. Oilz+, Coconut Milk 18 oz., 8 oz. Oilz+, Coconut Milk 9 oz. Scrubz, 2 oz. Oilz+, Ginger Teaze 18 oz. Scrubz,8 oz. Oilz+, Ginger Teaze 9 oz. Scrubz, 2 oz. Oilz+, Jasmine Honeysuckle 18 oz., 8 oz. Oilz+, Jasmine Honeysuckle 9 oz., 2 oz. Oilz+, Lavender 18 oz., 8 oz. Oilz+, Lavender 9 oz., 2 oz. Oilz+, Unscented 18 oz., 8 oz. Oilz+, Unscented 9 oz., 2 oz. Oilz+, Warm Vanilla 18 oz., 8 oz. Oilz+, Warm Vanilla 9 oz., 2 oz. Oilz+


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