Balmz Body and Face Balm / Calmz Body Balm

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When your skin needs extra loving, this 100% active ingredient body and face balm is the answer.

Nurturing and soothing.

Nourishing and smooth.

Customer confessions include using Balmz Body & Face Balm not only as face and body balm but as a wind and cold barrier cream and a scar and stretch mark minimizer.

Try it chilled for that extra “ahhhh and oh, yes”, especially when your skin is chapped or sunburned. Try it warmed to soothe a sore spot anywhere on your body.

Do you want your Balmz with a special fragrance you absolutely love? We can do that for you. Please select a scent blend or choose your own. Only $2.00 more.  Click here for the list of scents.  

Simple. Effective. Body Loving. Balmz.

Calmz is our herbal cream. It soothes, penetrates, and works so well you will be amazed!



Permission to Pamper!

Balmz makes your skin smile! Here’s why:

Pure whipped Shea Butter is whipped 3 x (what a lucky cream 😀) with refined Emu Oil and eight of nature’s finest Botanical Oils (nothing but the finest for you) to make our Balmz. It’s the perfect soothing body and face balm when you want something thicker than our regular lotion.

Balmz helps calm irritated skin and feels incredible on sore muscles and joints! It is safe to use on all skin types.

Refined Shea butter: A little goes a long way! Refined Shea Butter is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and absorbs easily into the skin. It can be used on all skin types.

Refined Emu Oil: This nourishing oil contains 70% of the essential fatty acids found in the skin. It naturally contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Linoleic acid, Sapogens, Terpenes, and Oleic acid. This is the really really really GOOD stuff!

Calmz has all the joy and nourishment of Balmz with 375 mg of hemp herbal added in.

Pure whipped Shea Butter is whipped 3 x (what a lucky cream 😀) with 375mg of hemp CBD and eight of nature’s finest Botanical Oils (nothing but the finest for you) to make our Balmz. It soothes and satisfies sore skin!

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2 oz. Balmz, 2 oz. Balmz with scent, 2 oz. Calmz

12 reviews for Balmz Body and Face Balm / Calmz Body Balm

  1. Kathy Morelli

    I love this Balmz product! I am constantly on the search for a good, healthy balm, no preservatives and no fragrance, for my hands. I am allergic to strong fragrances, natural or otherwise. So I was happy about the Balmz ingredients. I wash my hands constantly, as I am cooking, baking and washing dishes all day and taking care of the family and the dogs. I use hand sanitizer all the time when I’m out, to be safe. So the skin on hands is always cracking and this stings! I have tried many products and this Balmz actually works and helps calm the sting! Thank you!

  2. Linda Condrillo

    Confession time. I love the sun. I love the beach. And sometimes, I’m not as diligent as I should be with sunscreen. Balmz has proven to be the single most effective moisture replenishing, soothing and smoothing product I have ever used —and is my favorite scrubzbody item of all!

    • Roberta P

      It sounds like a really great vacation! TY for the compliment. It’s Mother Nature’s ingredients. We just put them in a jar. 🙂

  3. Lisa N

    Started using Balmz after foot reconstruction on my scars.
    It has kept me from hard scaring and incision looks great. Surgeon told me to keep using it
    Thank you

    • Roberta P

      Yay! I’m so thrilled it’s helping in your healing process! Feel better!!

  4. Amy

    I need to give a HUGE shoutout to Scrubz body care here in town. First, Roberta, the owner is one of the nicest people I have met. It’s always a pleasure to go in and talk to her! Today, she was so thoughtful and handed me a balm that I can use on my scar, after mentioning I had recent surgery. Second, the products are TOP NOTCH!! When I use the sugar scrub, I smell and feel like a million dollars! I’ve been using the coconut milk oils on my skin after being in the sun and it’s helped keep my peeling to a minimum! The little bit of peeling I did have, was nourished with the sugar scrub! Lastly, I’ve gotten my dad hooked on it because of how much it helps his itching with his dry, flaky skin – he has been searching for relief – who knew his answer was right here !! Run, don’t walk to Scrubz!! So worth it!!! 💜

    • Roberta P

      xo TY!!

  5. Donna B

    Balmz is my new favorite face cream. I apply a small amount, wait a few minutes, a bit of sun screen, then ready to go.

  6. Elizabeth

    I was in the store yesterday with my baby and his rashy face. Thank you for the Balmz recommendation! It seems to be helping already!
    I appreciate your help and love your products and your business! Happy holidays and many blessings in the new year!
    Elizabeth 🙂

  7. Fran B

    I work in food service and I’m constantly washing my hands. My skin gets so raw and cracked over the winter months. I keep Balmz with me at all times for relief. It goes on so soft and creamy(not greasy!) and I love it’s sweet smell. My hands instantly feel better!

  8. Cara Meyers

    This Balmz is the Bomb! As winter is approaching, my skin on my body is beginning to dry out. I use amazing Scrubz in the shower and leave the soft sheen of oil on my skin, however my skin needs a little extra something to completely lock in that moisture. That’s when I grab Balm’s! With my skin still slightly damp, I work Balm’s into it and feel my skin drinking up the much needed moisture. When my Pomeranian is curiously wondering what I am doing, I slather some Balmz on his tail to soften the coarse fur! We both end up smelling terrific! Love products that have multipurposes!

  9. Jill

    Hey Roberta, I’m using Balmz on my surgery scar every day and night and it is awesome! Thanks for helping me feel better!!!

  10. Karen P

    I call it the cure-all and do use it for everything. In fact with my kids – for any little thing and it does help EVERYTHING!!! -my little one – even if she bangs herself, which you normally do nothing for – she will say ???get the BALMZ?۝! So funny.

  11. Erin F

    I have been battling a miserable cold for the past few days and it is taking a toll on my skin (lips and nose). The cold weather certainly isn’t helping BUT this little miracle in a jar is working wonders! Thank you for creating something that provides immediate relief xoxo

  12. MaryAnn

    Hope you don’t mind… I put the same review on Bye Bye Bagz cause I got them at the same time.

    I love these products !! They actually do what they promised! Not like that crap I bought at the mall. Go on, feel my face! They are the best products I have ever bought. I was just in here last week, and before I run out, I wanted to buy more. I am going to tell all my friends and you will be amazed at how many friends I still have at my ripe old age of 77. Please tell everyone I said so.

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