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Oh, how we love you! Our VIPs! Our best customers! Our brand ambassadors!

The ones who bring their loved ones and best friends into our store, or buy them presents of sugary, moisturizing delight. The ones who make us laugh and share stories about how their dog chewed through the cord in the living room and almost shorted out the entire house, and remember why we started this business in the first place. We can’t thank you enough.

You make our business thrive and grow and we wouldn’t be here without you. So…. how can we thank you besides jumping up and down, flailing our arms, and saying it over and over again? It’s our VIP program and it was literally designed JUST FOR YOU! 

Save 20% online on all ScrubzBody products for a year!


• Valid on ScrubzBody Products ONLY!

• Not valid for sale items, refills, or refill cards that are already discounted 30%

• VIP code available for online purchases only but items can be picked up at our shop

• Welcome gift of an 18 oz. ScrubzBody Scrub shipped to you. Please indicate scent selection at checkout.

• All orders must be mailed to the address you signed up with


If you want to make a purchase the same day, call or email for your code during normal business hours.

You’ll receive a special online code. You can use it every time you shop!

Your specialty code will not be honored on our BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Sale Day. You are already getting 2 for 1 that day 😘

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VIP Membership

VIP Membership


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