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Do you hate waking up in the morning feeling like your eyes could use another few hours of sleep? The slight puffiness. The fine creases in the corners. The crustiness.

Sometimes it’s as simple as you didn’t drink enough water. Sometimes it’s the food you eat. Sometimes it’s how you slept on your pillow. Mostly, it’s nature. Ugh!

Say sayonara and adios to fine lines! Say au revoir and bye-bye to under-eye puffiness! Then say hello to softer, more supple skin around your delicate eye area, and all over your face and body too. 

Bye Bye Bagz can be used as a lip balm, a “too much information” cream (think hemorrhoids), a cuticle cream, an irritation soother, and even a blemish reducer, as well. Don’t you love products that are multi-tasking? It is so much more than just an eye and face cream!



Permission to Pamper!


Suggested Use: Under and around eyes, face, blemishes, cuticles, sensitive private spots.

Anywhere you want soothing, nourishing comfort.

It’s that good!

Dab a little all around your eyes and face right before bed. This gives your skin a chance to rehydrate and rejuvenate overnight. If using it as a day cream, just use it a little less.

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Bye Bye Bagz

.20 oz., .50 oz.

12 reviews for Bye Bye Bagz Soothing Eye & Skin Balm

  1. Leslie

    This is truly my holy grail product! I’ve been using bye bye bagz for years and it makes such a difference in the texture of my skin and fine lines/wrinkles. I have tried so many expensive eye creams and this beats all of them. A little goes a long way so this product will last you a long time. I always compliment the ladies in the store for making this product because it is my beauty lifesaver!

    • Roberta P

      You really know how to make a girl smile! TY for reminding me why I love my business, my products and my customers! xo

  2. Wendy Abbagliato

    After experiencing dry patchy skin on my eye lids and in the corner of my eye since January, (and I’ve tried so many products in the last few months with no results) I tried Bye Bye Bagz and it took only 2-3 days for my skin to be completely back to normal. This is the Best eye product I have ever used. The skin under my eyes is now soft and even, I don’t notice any fine lines and wrinkles. I can finally wear consealer without it caking – made a huge difference. Also just used it after waxing and it eliminates the redness and bumps I can sometimes get. Thank-you!

    • Roberta P

      Thank you so very much for the compliment! You truly made our day! (and week)! xo

  3. Paige Bravin

    I have tried so many eye creams and this one by far yields the best results. Love Scrubz!

  4. Cara Meyers

    I. Love. This. Product!!! Simply put…it does it all! I started using it as an eye cream. I loved the silky feel of it on my eyes and how much better the skin around my eyes looked the morning after. Then I found out all the great things about the emu oil…Whoa! There was no stopping me as to its uses. I use it on my post-menopausal pimples. Gone! I have used it on my entire face when I had an unintentional mild sunburn. Bye Bye Burn! I’ve used it to calm bug bites, abrasions, paper cuts…even mild burns from touching the oven. This product is in several areas of my house because it truly is all-encompassing and can be used for just about anything. I even used it to coax out a cactus needle in my finger! One amazing product I just can’t live without! Talk about multi-tasking!

  5. Jen Harford

    Byebye bagz is so amazing.. my pimples literally fall off my face the same night i use it and leaves my skin soooo soft i love it

  6. Kathleen

    I’m 35 years old and have very sensitive skin that’s prone to acne when I’m stressed. I also have dark circles under my eyes from allergies that are resistant to all medications, including allergy shots! Bye Bye Bagz is great at reducing the appearance of my under-eye redness and doesn’t clog my pores or irritate my skin. I feel so pampered when I put it on. I dab it under my eyes and use it as a spot treatment when adult acne sets in and it works miracles. It’s a must have for my bathing routine.

  7. Katie H

    I’ve started getting really painful cystic acne and have tried everything to get rid of it. Stopped in here and was recommended the bye bye bags balm, and I’m amazed at the difference it’s making. It soothes the pain instantly and is healing the existing scars. Would definitely recommend this! The owner whipped up a sugar scrub for me in my favorite scent on the spot. It’s pricey but it works!

  8. Stacia G

    The Bye Bye Bagz feels amazing under my eyes! Love this company, and love the owner. High quality and full of heart! 🙂

  9. MaryAnn

    Bye Bye other products
    I have thrown out every other cream and lotion I had before. You’ve made an old dog, into a new younger looking dog. I love these products !! They actually do what they promised! Not like that crap I bought at the mall. Go on, feel my face! They are the best products I have ever bought. I was just in here last week, and before I run out, I wanted to buy more. I am going to tell all my friends and you will be amazed at how many friends I still have at my ripe old age of 77. Please tell everyone I said so. Thanks so much, Maryann

  10. Cara M

    No more wrinkles!
    I adore Bye Bye Bagz! The texture is perfect and I love looking at unwrinkled eyes in the morning!

  11. Wendy L

    I used Bye Bye Bagz on my scar, too!
    I had surgery last month and I’ve been using Bye Bye Bagz on the incision. Wow, what a difference it’s so soft and much less sensitive, thanks ladies, you rock!!!!

  12. Pat

    Compliments I get from ByeBye Bagz
    I have been using Bye Bye Bagz for a few years now. It is so important to moisturize, especially around my eyes. I like to think I age gracefully but what was really nice was the compliments I received recently on “sibling day” on Facebook. I posted a picture of myself and my four siblings and at least two or three people said I hadn’t changed. Now that had to be 15ish years ago. Product is wonderful and so nice to know the natural ingredients that go into this wonderful product. Thank You Roberta and Michelle.

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