Mama Suds All Purpose Cleanser

 Mama Suds Oxygen Powder

Do you know how you love ScrubzBody Products to make you & your skin feel fabulous?

Well, you will flip over the incredible wonder of Mama Suds Cleaning Products which makes your home and laundry just as fabulous.

    What I use DAILY:

    All Purpose Cleaner This is my all time favorite of Mama Suds products. This bottle contains grease and stain cutting, fresh smelling, and multi-task perfection in cleaning. I am not kidding. Not one bit. The best in a bottle!

    Laundry Detergent – 2 tablespoons is ALL you need for a full load. This concentrated little powerhouse gets even the toughest dirt out and makes laundry soft and smelling fresh!

    Oxygen Powder – I put a few scoops in warm water and pour it on my white loads for an extra burst of white, clean sparkle.

    Solid Dish Soap (and the brush) – I try hard to eat and drink clean at home, so washing my dishes needs to be done with clean products as well. This super long-lasting solid soap is the perfect answer to any grease-busting your dishes need.

    So those are my favorites, but the entire line is made with the finest natural ingredients and so much Mama Love!

    Try some soon!