Your Tween & Teen Skin Can Be a Pimply Mess!

Your skin can be blemish-prone and very greasy.

It can be a mess of skin that is feeling tight and dry and then slick again with oil.

Are you nodding your head right about now?

It’s going through all sorts of fun growing up hormonal changes that are part of life but can be frustrating on your skin.

Let alone your emotions.

And all that touching!

Touching your face often—like when you are playing with your makeup all day or leaning on your chin at lunch as you tell your bestie what happened in class that morning—can lead to bacteria all over your face which makes potential pimples become real ones!


Try only touching your face, and any part of your skin that may be sensitive, with super clean hands!

Younger skin needs to cleanse with oil.

You need simple, effective products that will help balance your skin.

We can’t balance your life, but we can really help balance your skin! 😊

When you use natural botanical oils instead of harsh soaps or cleansers, it tells your skin, “Hey, I got you” in a delicate balancing way that helps your skin get back to clear & gorgeous.

It deep cleans your pores, polishes away the dead skin, balances your own natural oils, and makes skin glow with confidence.