ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub Refill Program

You know that feeling when your jar of Scrubz is low but  your wallet is felling a little low too?

Well that is the beauty of the refill!

You get to try new scents, save Mother Earth and save money at the same time.

And, most importantly, your skin will be gloriously glowing from being polished on a regular basis.

For less money!

ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub Refills

Love ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub?

Love to save money?  

Become a ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub Refiller!

$22 for 18 oz.  •  $17 for 9 oz.

$21 for Facez, Shavez, Handz and Feetz

$28 for Scrubz+ 18 oz

$19 for Scrubz+ 9 oz and Scrubblez

$13 for Lipz Service

Save even more money!! Prepay for 5 and get 6 refills! Prepay for 10 and get 13 refills! No expiration Date.

Buy your card here!

Don’t live close? Mail us your clean, dry jars (we recommend 4 or more) and let us know what scents you want to refill with.

All Signature and Seasonal scents will available for refills

Our Scents

  • Cherry Almond Burst – Oh this scent. Oh yes. Oh.Oh Oh. Wild Cherry Almond is blended with the sweet tangy freshness of Pink Grapefruit. Seriously good!
  • Citrus Burst – You know that feeling? The one that gets you out of bed in a snap? The one that says it’s going to be a great day? That’s what Citrus Burst smells like! Tangy, sweet and FRESH! Ahh!
  • Citrus Zest – Take a fragrant trip through an orchard of tangerine and orange trees! It’s like a mental trip to Florida!
  • Coconut Milk – When you add sweet, fresh coconut to the delicious creaminess of Sweet Milk and Honey, you get this gem of a scent!
  • Coco Lime – Cold drinks, gentle breezes and the warmth of the sun are what this tropical scent-sation will have you dreaming of. Take your senses away!
  • Exotic Musk – Woodsy and earthy with a hint of Bergamot, this scent is ready to capture your senses. The scent of Musk always brings back memories of simpler times, hanging with your friends, listening to Zeppelin or Tull
  • Ginger Teaze – Don’t you wish that every shower had you dreaming of a day at the spa? A blending of delicate white tea, spicy ginger and a hint of lemon brings the spa to you.
  • Jasmine Honeysuckle – When spring begins, the honeysuckle blooms! Now just imagine that heady scent blended with sweet Jasmine. Floral heaven is waiting for you.
  • Lavender – When you smell Lavender, everything else just seems to melt away. Known the world over for being a calming and delightful scent. Transport your senses and your skin.
  • Sassy Citron – This 50/50 blend of florals and citrus notes is heady, and sassy and sultry, all at the same time. Ylang Ylang and Tangerine are the main notes. Awesome!
  • Sweet Milk & Honey – Michelle use to say that there was nothing like the experience of this scent. Creamy milk, luscious honey and a hint of oatmeal are the reason why.
  • Unscented – The pure clean smell of absolutely no fragrance added. Fresh!
  • Warm Vanilla – This toasty, sweet scent will remind you of cookies baking in your Nana’s kitchen, or passing the Italian bakery on your way home from school.
  • Seasonal Scents:
  • Fall Harvest – Like taking a bite out of Fall! Apple, Pomegranate and Pear are combined in this cornucopia of fragrance! (Sept – Nov)
  • Winter Wonderland – Fresh, clean, with just a hint of Sweet Milk & Honey. This scent smells like the first snow of the season. (Dec – Feb)
  • Spring Sensation – As the air gets warmer and the trees start to bloom, this “wake up earth” scent is fresh and sweet at the same time. We blend a few scents including White Tea & Ginger and a hint of Pear for sweetness. (Mar – May)
  • Summer Daze – Oh yay! Summertime and all its fun includes this fresh wonderful scent which has a high note of Cucumber which is sweetened with blend of Summer fruits. (June – Aug)
  • Holiday Scents:
  • Pumpkin Pie – Yes! It smells just like the real deal, with none of the calories (Oct – Nov)
  • Peppermint Candy – What would a candy cane smell like in the shower and in the air? Now you’ll know with this incredible scent. Peppermint and Vanilla have the teeniest bit of chocolate added to the mix. (Dec only)
  • Chocolate Dreamz – OMG, this scent makes your mouth water. Smells like the best fudge brownie you ever ate. (Feb only)
  • Tropical Delight – Step into the shower and step into the tropics. Banana is added to Coconut, Mango and Papaya which creates this truly tropical scent getaway!
  • Custom – What can we whip up for you? Create your own scent with your refill jar! Only $3-$5 more per jar.

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Mother Nature says Thank you, by the way! 🙂