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The Only Thing Better Than One of Our Fragrances is the One You Make Yourself!

“Make Your Own” ScrubzBody Scrub Parties are a huge hit at our Farmingdale store, so we decided to box up the fun! Decorate, pamper, and create your own signature scent. All in one!!


Participants will let their inner artists shine while personalizing & decorating the ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub jar, cap, and take-home bag. The pampering hand scrub/massage is always a big hit! Participants will then create their own special scent of ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub using phthalate-free fragrance or FDA-approved flavor oils. Want to let us clean up the mess instead? Check out our in-house party page! And check out our Facebook Party page for fun pictures!

PACKAGE CONTENTS: 8 or 16 oz. jars & caps plus one extra jar to be used for measuring out the scrub; Unscented ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub; Tester jar for hand scrub demos; Fragrance and/or Flavor Oils – Select 4 for parties under 8, 6 for parties of 8 or more; Take home bags; Non-toxic permanent paint markers; Brochures with ingredients and other information.

THINGS TO HAVE AT THE PARTY: One 24 oz. or more (for mixing room) measuring cup or bowl for each participant; Sink or washing bowl; One mixing utensil for each participant; Pitcher of warm water if not near the sink; Paper or cloth towel


Make Your Own ScrubzBody Scrub PartyStep OneParticipants should decorate outside of jars, top of caps, and take home bag with non-toxic permanent paint markers. When completed, participants should put the jar in their bag and move it over to the side.

Step Two – One by one each participant will head to the sink or washing bowl. It’s time for the pampering hand scrub. Get the ScrubzBody Scrub tester jar and scoop. Have a pitcher of warm water nearby or the sink set to warm. Have a paper or cloth towel nearby. 

Step Three – Party leader mixes ScrubzBody Scrub well prior to measuring out into individual bowls. The Party leader now measures out the individual scrub bowls. The best way is to fill the extra measuring jar all the way to the top with the scrub. Then, pour each measured amount of scrub into the individual mixing bowls.


Step Four – Every participant now sits down with their measuring bowl and mixing utensil. It’s time to create their own signature scent! Participants or Party leaders can carefully unscrew the labeled scent jars so everyone can get a whiff of what the scents smell like. If you keep the scents open, take extra care not to spill. DO NOT PUT SCENTS DIRECTLY ON SKIN!

Measuring Cups filled with Scrubz for Party

Step Five – For 8 oz. jars use 3-4 drops as a guide. For 16 oz. jars use 6-8 drops as a guide. Some scents are stronger and less will be needed. Some scents are more subtle, so an extra drop or two is fine. Remember, LESS IS MORE when scenting your scrub. We recommend starting with less fragrance and building the smell, rather than adding too much in the beginning and having a scrub that is overly scented. Stir as you go. More than one scent can be used, but remember to divide the number of drops between those scents. ie: Cherry Vanilla 8 oz. – 2 drops of Cherry and 2 drops of Vanilla or 16 oz. Chocolate Coconut Cream – 3 drops of Coconut, 2 drops of Vanilla, 1 drop of Chocolate.

Step Six – After each participant has completed scenting their scrub, one scoop at a time can be added to their decorated jars. We suggest holding the jar over the bowl as the scrub is spooned in. Cap when filled and put the jar back in the take-home bag. 

Step Seven – Graciously accept all the thanks you’ll get!

Best Hand Scrub with Massage

KIDS PARTY FLAVOR OILS: Select Scents (4 for parties under 8 and 6 for parties 8 and more) and indicate in the notes box right on the page – (Adult Parties may select these flavor oils as well): Berry, Bubble Gum, Chocolate, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Fruit Punch, Lemon, Pear, Red Licorice, Vanilla, Watermelon

ADULT PARTY FRAGRANCE OILS: Select Scents  (3 for parties under 8 and 4 for parties 8 and more) and indicate in the notes box right on the page – Apple, Apple Blossom, Asian Plum Blossom, Banana, Bergamot, Cherry, Coconut, Cotton Blossom, Cranberry, Cucumber, Freesia, Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Mango/Papaya, Milk and Honey, Musk, Orange, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pineapple, Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Rose, Tangerine, Vanilla, Watermelon, White Tea and Ginger

Additional scents can be purchased at $5 per scent. Add your scent to the initial selection and add the extras. Extra fragrance may only be ordered with a party package, not as a separate item.

Additional information

ScrubzBody Party Box

16 oz. Adult Party – 2, 16 oz. Kids Party – 2, 8 oz. Adult Party – 2, 8 oz. Kids Party – 2, 16 oz. Adult Party – 16, 16 oz. Adult Party – 14, 16 oz. Adult Party – 12, 16 oz. Adult Party – 10, 16 oz. Adult Party – 8, 16 oz. Adult Party – 6, 16 oz. Adult Party – 4, 16 oz. Kids Party – 16, 16 oz. Kids Party – 14, 16 oz. Kids Party – 12, 16 oz. Kids Party – 10, 16 oz. Kids Party – 8, 16 oz. Kids Party – 6, 16 oz. Kids Party – 4, 8 oz. Adult Party – 16, 8 oz. Adult Party – 14, 8 oz. Adult Party – 12, 8 oz. Adult Party – 10, 8 oz. Adult Party – 6, 8 oz. Adult Party – 8, 8 oz. Adult Party – 4, 8 oz. Kids Party – 16, 8 oz. Kids Party – 14, 8 oz. Kids Party – 12, 8 oz. Kids Party – 10, 8 oz. Kids Party – 8, 8 oz. Kids Party – 6, 8 oz. Kids Party – 4, Extra Scent (may only be ordered w/ a party package), Organza Bagz and Custom Tags-Packs of 4


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