Oh, your poor calloused feet! Or your aching chapped hands.

Your hands and feet deserve a standing ovation, with lots of clapping and whoop whooping on the side.

But, what they usually get is you working them super hard because they are the do it all body parts.

Instead of rough and calloused, they deserve to be soft and smooth.

The difference is the Shea butter.

Shea butter is one of those moisturizing gems that not only soothe and soften but moisturize and nourish at the same time.

When you combine the refined and whipped version of this little nut that could and whip it into our Handz and Feetz, you get a scrub that is extra.

Extra polishing, extra moisturizing, and extra wonderful.

Finger and toe-loving goodness!

With the products in this category, your hands and feet will look like they are on vacation, even if you worked all day and twice on Sundays!

And that means they look pretty darn, supercalifragilistic good!