Fabulously Fragrant Roll-On Moisturizing Oil



Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by just the right amount of fragrance. Just the right amount of silky glide along your skin. With Fabulously Fragrant Roll-On Moisturizing Oil, there is no imagining! Your perfect fragrance will glide on your pulse points and up and down your arm, bringing scent to all the places you want it. 

It has the highest concentration of our 8 botanical oils, so it moisturizes while still smelling so darn good, and replaces traditional colognes or perfumes.

Soft, silky, moisturized skin and a delightful, memory-inducing fragrance will surround you. 

Just let us know what scent you want in the comments box at checkout!


Permission to Pamper!

Suggested Use:

Oilz is a pure, gentle botanical oil blend. That’s it! So it can be used all day, every day whenever you want a little dab of fragrance to surround you, like a dream or a memory.

What can it be used for?  

Rolling on the best darn fragrance. You can even refill it with Oilz! Just pop the roll-top off, fill it up, push the ball back on and GO!

Scents are one of those things that are so personal and special. So when you think of your favorite smell, you know, the one that makes you smile, that is the one to select.

Click here for our fragrance and ingredients list.

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