Feetz Foot Scrub w/ Shea Butter



When your feet need to be treated with more love and pampering, Feetz is the one!

Let’s talk about feet because someone has to. 🙂 When feet are tired, achy, or calloused and the thought of twirling around your bedroom, let alone the dance floor is the furthest thing from your mind, we have the foot scrub that will help.

Feetz will make taking your shoes off joyful and fun as opposed to a dry, calloused, and stinky experience. Heel clicking and twinkle-toed dancing will commence. It’s that good!

Feetz, whipped with pure refined Shea butter, is a refreshingly sweet mint, raspberry, and citrus, foot scrub. It’s truly a treat for your feet!


Permission to Pamper!

Feetz not only makes feet feel fabulous, but they will smell so good!

Here is my favorite 15-minute foot scrub: 

  • Soak feet for 12-14 minutes and then pat dry
  • Take about a half-dollar-sized amount of Feetz Foot Scrub and spread it out on both of your hands. 
  • Then massage feet all over, paying attention to heels and rough spots. Massage between the toes, and the nails beds & cuticles
  • Now rinse. Pat or towel dry and massage the natural oils and butter into the feet as a moisturizer
  • Put on cotton or other soft socks for at least an hour.
  • Can be used on your body and face, too

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