Handz Hand Scrub w/ Shea Butter



Your hands deserve our Handz!

Hands. You’ve got to love them! They dig, throw, unscrew, tighten, chop, dice, twist, open, and on and on. Because of this, they take the most abuse, too. Most especially in harsh weather or with constant washing they can become extra dry and chapped. We feel your pain! But, now imagine your hands clean, smooth, soft, and moisturized in one easy step. With no more splits in your fingers and no more peeling skin. Imagine your hands smelling like you just walked through a citrus grove. That is what washing with Handz Citrus Hand Scrub makes your hands feel like.

Not kidding. Not even one little bit! 



When your hands are ready for the best cleaning and moisturizing, they have come to the right place

  • Dampen your skin
  • Take about a quarter-sized amount of Handz Hand Scrub and spread it out on both of your hands. 
  • Scrub your hands together, finger by finger, knuckle by knuckle, and cuticle by cuticle. The sugar will scrub out all the particles of dirt, and the natural oils will break down the grease and grime.
  • Rinse your hands
  • Pat or towel dry
  • Massage the natural oils and the Shea butter that are left on your skin
  • Can be used on your body and face, too

Money-Back Guarantee

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  1. Teddie

    It was a Christmas gift from a Niece and just love it…

    • Roberta P

      Big smile. It’s a favorite around here. So pleased you love it too!

  2. James D

    My hands feel normal again
    Handz hand scrub is great! My hands get filthy and dry from work and they have never gotten this clean or felt this “normal”, especially in winter. TY

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