Shavez Beard and Face Oil



Short or long, tamed or wiry, no matter how they look, guys and their beards are most definitely a thing. They stroke them, play with the ends and obsess over how they look.

Have you ever noticed?

It’s so much fun to watch and now that’s all you’ll notice the next time you are out with a bunch of the bearded ones. 🤣

But beards can be tougher to manage the longer they get. Shavez Beard and Face Oil helps tame the “beard beast” and keeps it looking neat and perfect.

It can also be used as a shaving oil for all the spots that need to be cleaned up with a razor. It can be used with or without our Shavez Shaving Scrub.


How to make the most of your Shavez Beard and Face Oil:

Wash your beard with a good shampoo, then towel or blow-dry. Apply a few drops of beard oil with either your fingers or a comb. Shavez Beard & Face Oil can be used daily or a few times a week. It can also be used instead of shaving cream or gel on the areas you want to clean up and alongside our Shavez Shaving Scrub.

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Shavez Oil

2 oz.


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