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I know, I know! It sounds so strange to think that shaving starts with putting sugar and oil on your face. But it’s true! Exfoliating before shaving makes the hair stand up, the pore prepared and the whole shaving experience better.

No more irritation.

No more razor burn.

No more hating to shave even though you know you need to.

Even bearded guys clean up the stray hairs sometimes! This scrub makes it easy and fun, and skin-loving.

So what are you waiting for? Throw away your old shaving cream, soap, or lotion and reach for the best shaving experience ever.

Shavez works extremely well as an all-over body scrub too. 

Due to a few phone calls we received from lovers of the larger size, we have decided to keep the 18 oz. sized jar! But it will have a white cap 🙂


We recommend using Shavez shaving scrub every time you shave. It is great for cleansing the face on non-shaving days as well.

Triple whipped with 25% extra Jojoba oil (this oil is the same pH as skin), this multitasking scrub, in a clean, spicy scent, is a cleanser (it takes all the dirt and grime off skin), a pre-shave prep (it lifts the follicle, cleans out the pore and helps the hair stand up), and a shaving oil

(Rinse the sugar off and the oils remain to shave with) all-in-one. It moisturizes too! For you guys who want better skin, less irritation, no ingrown hairs, and no irritation.

Dampen your skin with warm water, and apply Shavez to your beard, head, or body with a gentle, circular motion. Gently rinse all the sugar off and shave immediately using the natural oils that remain on your skin instead of shaving cream or lotion.

We suggest rinsing the razor head with warm water & tapping lightly a few times during the shave. Massage in any remaining oils as an after-shave or moisturizer.

Can I really use Shavez on my head and body?

Yes! The only difference is that Shavez is triple-whipped with 25% more Jojoba oil. The rest of your body will love it too.

Click here for our ingredients list.

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18 oz., 9 oz.

5 reviews for Shavez Shaving Scrub

  1. frank tinnirello

    A friend bought this for me for Christmas and after the first time using it I was sold. It does everything it says it does and its the best shave I ever had. Leaves your face so soft. no irritation. Great job Roberta! I am a forever customer. and thank you for replacing my lost order with no hassles. Customer service is incredible.

  2. Cara Meyers

    A male friend of mine always complained of getting a stubble rash around his mouth and chin after shaving. I immediately suggested Shavez as I am familiar with the oils in this product and their anti inflammatory properties. This guy was skeptical as he had “tried everything under the sun.” Not any more! He absolutely LOVES Shavez! No more rash, smooth clean skin…he is completely sold! Now if I could convince him to buy it himself and not through me, it would be a win-win! Men……

  3. Jeb Bartow

    Fantastic Shavez
    I met the Scrubz Girlz at a trade show and they could’nt stop talking about the Shavez product and how I would love it. Now, I had my own process of shaving cream and post shave balm. I wasn’t sure I wanted to change my routine, this process worked for me and my skin.
    The jar sat on my counter till one day I ran out of shaving cream. What better time to give it a try, well I don’t use anything else but Shavez now.
    The sugar helps stimulate the hair on my face and when I wash off the sugar my skin has natural oils that leave my skin clean but moist enough to shave without any blade grabbing of my skin. When I was done I didn’t need post Balm to prevent skin bumps or rashes because the oils of shaves prevented that.
    Be a man and Shavez up!
    Thanks Scrubz Girlz

  4. Charlotte B

    Finally my husband is happy!
    My husband has been using Shavez for about a month. His irritation is gone, as are the little red bumps. Finally, something he doesn’t mind using that’s actually good for him!

  5. David

    Best Shave!
    I was hesitant to try this when my wife brought it home, but I was completely sold after the first shave. Great product. Thanks!

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