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What scent makes you smile with “OMG what is that heavenly fragrance joy”? 

Did you create a unique scent at a party? Is there a scent you just absolutely have to have? Does your mom or a best friend wear a particular perfume and you want to gift her a body scrub and lotion to match?  We can do that.

Whipping up custom fragrances is one of our most favorite things to do for you. We also love matching scents created by party attendees. Our custom scent bar has over 100 single fragrances and well over a dozen scent combinations to choose from. We will do our best to match your requested scent choice exactly, or come pretty darn close!

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Permission to Pamper!

ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub can be used daily, on every body part, public and private. (Yes! even there) but we recommend 1-3x a week. It cleans dirt and polishes away dry skin.

How to make the most of your Sugar Scrub: Get ready for a shower experience like none other. Of course, we can tell you that great music, soft lights, and a locked door create the ultimate scrub experience, but we would be lying if we didn’t also tell you that you can use the scrub instead of your normal soap or cleanser, as often as you want, and you can do it in just a few minutes. The instructions here give you a good idea of what we have found works best, but, seriously, you do you.

If you only want to use it once a week. Great. Every day? Sure! If you are an “I scrub my feet and hands only” person, ok! If you want to use it head to toe, go for it. But we ask one thing, to use the scrub with the intention it was created for, which is treating your skin properly and with kindness.

Do we use natural ingredients? Of course, we do. But we also whip love and dedication into every jar, which is what you will feel the most.

And your skin will be crazy soft!

  • Dampen your skin
  • Take about a quarter-sized amount of ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub and gently spread it out on both of your hands. This ensures an even application and helps prevent any falling on the floor
  • Polish, cleanse, and scrub all your willing body parts. Repeat for other parts
  • Step back under the water and rinse all the sugar off
  • If you are going to shave, use the natural oils left on your skin instead of shaving cream
  • Pat or towel dry
  • Massage the natural oils into your skin

You are now fully cleansed and moisturized. Doesn’t that feel so good?

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Custom Scented Scrubz

18 oz. Custom Scent, 9 oz. Custom Scent

4 reviews for Custom Scented Sugar Scrub

  1. Jennifer DeStefano

    The best scub I’ve ever used ! I, like most ladies, get waxed and this sugar scrub works to exfoliate my skin and reduce if not prevent ingrowns!! FAN FOR LIFE !!

    • Roberta P

      Our entire mission is summed up in your review. xo Thank you!!

  2. Jonathan G

    First and foremost. I am a man and I am in no way shape or form related to or affiliated with Scrubz people in any way. EXCEPT that I used their product today. Quick backstory. My wife went to a Scrubz party and came home RAVING about the hand scrub. I chalked it up to my wife’s new “gimmick.” Yesterday she brought me to the store where we were met by the owner who was helping a customer and another employee who started right away helping us. I personally was a touch skeptical. I think “hand wash? We have the dove soap for that.” Well after chatting. And laughing. And product testing. (Which is AWESOME.) (you want to try a scent? Here. You want to mix that with something? Here.) I was told I could shave with this product. Now bearing in mind. I was born with a full mane of hair. (From the neck down) I’m aerodynamic up top. I was told to use Scrubz before I shave and use the natural oils to shave with. Well after a little over an hour in the store I left with my large Tub o Scrubz with a “Dragons blood” and “Very sexy for him” mix or as I like to refer to it as…..Jons blend. This morning I awoke and went to shower. There sitting on the sink was my tub o Scrubz. Well I took that into the shower and shaved. I was AMAZED. The razor slid across my head and face so clean to the point I had to feel to believe it was so smooth. I know this is a long post. And I hope someone made it down this far. And I HOPE it was another man. Help me spread the word. Guys. This product IS for US too. It works so well. I smell GREAT. My skin tingles from the scrub. I now love this product. I will return for more.

  3. Kris P

    Hi Ladies,
    I attended the Kiwanis event Friday night and I wanted to tell you I love my Scrubz!! My daughter loves hers too! We both were very happy with the scents we created, but once we used it – AMAZING!! I thought that due to aging I just had to live with painfully dry, flaky, itchy skin.
    NOT ANY MORE. I have never been so impressed with a product and had such immediate results. I am your new #1 fan! I am going to be in later this week to purchase some for my Mom. This is going to give her great relief if it does even half of what it has done for me.
    Can’t thank you enough! Sincerely, Kris P

    • Roberta P

      We loved having you! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. We are thrilled to hear how much it is helping your skin.

  4. Morgan

    I found this scrub through Instagram and ordered the Wild Cherry Almond. When I realized the smell lasted on me ALL DAY, I contacted Roberta and asked if she could do a VS Strawberries and Champagne type. She found it, and it is AMAZING. I love this stuff. Not only am I smooth, I smell good all day long! It’s wonderful and if you want any scent, I’m sure they will find it! Thank you Roberta and Scrubz!!

    • Roberta P

      Morgan, you make us smile! We are so excited you love all your Scrubz™. I was so happy to find and make that scent for you. I love being the “mad chemist” in the production room and finding and/or creating new fragrances. Any time I can, I will! Thanks for letting us know!

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