Sick of alligator skin?

Whether it’s winter or summer (or spring or fall) your skin desperately wants to stay hydrated.

Have you ever noticed that if it doesn’t get the moisturizing it craves, weird diamondy shapes, that somehow resemble an alligator, show up on the surface?


Sometimes it even hurts because it’s so dry.

We understand this thirst that your skin is experiencing and ScrubzBody Creams and Lotions are ready to quench it!

Our lotions & creams are triple whipped & they like it!

Skin-loving Shea butter and our unique 8 Botanical oil blend are the ONLY ingredients in our whipped buttah products.

The vast majority of moisturizers on the market contain upwards of 75% water.

Yes, you are oftentimes paying for water, no matter how expensive the price tag.

Ours contain none so the 100% active ingredients are ready to tackle even the driest and most irritated skin.

And remember, less is more! That alligator skin will be trapped*!

(*no harm has ever come to an alligator or any other animal in the making of our products, although you may have to push your dog away a bit if he/she wants to lick it off)

Caressing your skin is like giving yourself a loving hug.

There is just something about putting on a great cream or lotion.

That connection you have with your own skin. A light touch or maybe a deep massaging one. Either way, it’s self-care and it feels so good.

So not only will your skin be drinking in the moisture of these amazing products, but it will also be relaxing right before your fingers. Ahhhhh…