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Did you ever notice how you watch someone’s mouth when they speak to you?

You hear what they are saying, and want to pay close attention, but you can’t help looking at their lips. You notice if they are smooth and well taken care of, but you notice even more if they are chapped and dry.

And when you are staring at lips that look awful you have a hard time listening, because all you see is the dried-out skin or flaky pieces. Yuch!

Now remember, as you are noticing that person’s lips, they are noticing yours. 😊

Make sure yours are looked at for the right reasons.

Lipz lip balm is unscented and 100% pure Shea Butter, whipped with just a touch of our special eight Botanical Oil blend. Nothing more.

Your lips will be so happy! 



Permission to Pamper!

Suggested Use: Lipz is pure, gentle Shea Butter with a touch of botanical oils. That’s it! So it can be used all day, every day, or as often as you prefer to keep lips soft and smooth.

Another great thing about Lipz is that it’s not just for your mouth. Let’s say that your cuticles may be feeling rough, or your elbow, even. Maybe you leaned on it too hard and it has a rough spot. For any area that needs a bit of soothing cream, Lipz is the answer. Cool, right?

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.25 oz.

2 reviews for Lipz Shea Butter Lip Balm

  1. Roberta P

    So sorry to hear you were sick, but thrilled that Lipz rescued your lips! I’m sure Forrest gave you lots of love and tail wags during that time.

  2. Karen in Michigan

    Saved my lips during a month long illness! I received LipZ as a birthday gift with my order just when I needed it most! Ended up spending the entire month of October 2019 sick with a viral cold and never once did my lips split. This has been a life-long problem when I have a cold, so it truly is a WONDERFUL product to me! I will certainly add it to all my orders in the future!

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