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ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub Classic Jar with scoop and scrub

“The best scrubs I’ve tried! Fantastic product! It doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or sticky. And the Lip Service scrub is amazing, too! My daughters and I are in love! My customers are going to love them, too!”

“Great products! These products are amazing. They make your skin so soft and don’t irritate your skin. I love them. And would like more of them especially the cleanser”

Love this product line! This sugar is an amazing product! Love how it moisturizes your skin and lasts into the next day. Coconut milk is a favorite.

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What happens when customers keep coming back to the products you sell? When the products you sell solve the problems they are having. That’s what having ScrubzBody on the shelf will do for your bottom line.

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If you ONLY have an online store, please refer to our Private Label Program.

Since 2006 ScrubzBody has been handcrafting products that make customers happy and coming back for more.  Some of our customer’s comments can be found here.

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ScrubzBody® Sugar Scrub

Our signature product, the sugar scrub, was formulated in our kitchen in 2006 and is still created using the same small-batch technique.  It comes in 18 oz. and 9 oz. recyclable plastic jars.

  • ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub has just the right amount of 8 botanical oils whipped into the sugar. It does not have an oily slick on top that customers have to mix in and worry about making the shower too slippery. It leaves skin soft and moisturized without feeling greasy.
  • ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub comes in 14 incredible fragrances including a Seasonal scent and also Unscented. Our fragrances are created with either essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils. Our unscented product is literally our sugar scrub base whipped with nothing else. 
  • ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub can be used on every part of the body. We tell our customers it’s the nose to toes, hair to heels, public parts and private parts, you name the part, product! We use only the finest botanical oils, sugars, and butter. That’s it. We don’t use preservatives or colors. No alcohol or parabens or petrochemicals either. So it’s as much what is NOT in there as what is! 🙂
  • ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub will exfoliate (obviously), but it will also clean skin completely, so no need for soap or cleanser. It will prep skin for shaving and then, when the sugar is rinsed away, the oils left on the skin can be used in place of shaving cream. Those same oils are also the best moisturizer, so no other lotion or cream necessary. 
Other products our vendors have flying off their shelves:
  • Handz™ Shea Butter Hand Scrub has pure Shea Butter whipped into the sugar and botanical oil base. This makes hands and body parts even more moisturized after they get squeaky clean! It has just the right blend of citrus oils to take away stinky odors, too.
  • Feetz™ Shea Butter Hand Scrub is also whipped with pure Shea Butter and our 8 oil sugar scrub base. It cleans and moisturizes feet. It helps remove callous and other dry and stinky feet issues.
  • Lipz Service™ Lip Scrub is flavored, not scented, so it’s safe enough to be licked off after polishing lips! Then the Shea butter that is whipped in stays on lips like a balm. Fun and Effective! Your customers will be so pleased that their lips are not chapped and dry anymore!
  • Oilz+™ Shea Butter and Botanical Oil Lotion is literally just that. No water added, so it nourishes skin like nothing else. Your customers will love how their skin just drinks up the hydration.
  • Face Oilz Botanical Oil Cleanser – This oil not only removes all makeup, including water-proof but gives your skin and pores a deep clean and moisturizing experience.
  • Bye Bye Bagz™ Shea Butter and Emu Oil Soothing Eye Balm is so creamy, a dab makes the tender skin around eyes feel soft and dewy. Your customers will love how it nourishes, hydrates, protects and softens. No water added, just pure Shea Butter and skin-loving Emu Oil, which makes this balm the cream of the crop!
  • Bye Bye Bugz™ Botanical Oil Lotion is an effective bug deterrent, but safe as our Oilz+ lotion to use all over your body! It’s all about the scent that bugs the bugs!
Retailers have said they love working with us because:
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  • We have Fast Turn Around
  • We offer One on One Support if you need us!
  • We are super nice.
  • Really, we are!
  • Honestly, you’ll love working with us!

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