Cubez Sugar Scrub Cubes made w/ ScrubzBody Scrub and Alegna Soap

Cubez Sugar Scrub Cubes with Shea Butter and Alegna Soap



You are at work and have to wash your hands over and over again during the course of the day. 

You are out for the day and sick of using hand sanitizer. If only you had a portable, soapy solution!

You are finally traveling again and want to pamper yourself without the fuss.

All of these situations beg for Cubez Sugar Scrub!

A cube of scrub. What a concept, right? Ours is not only whipped with natural oils, but we added pure Shea Butter to the mix, as well. These cubes of love will clean and polish your skin, then moisturize it with Shea butter and our 8 natural oil blend. And look at these gorgeous colors! Not only do they pamper your skin, but your bathroom decor as well.

Cherry Almond Burst is a sweet joy of cherry, almond, pink grapefruit, and bergamot. So good!

Citrus Zest is a lively blend of tangerine, with a hint of pink grapefruit and lemon

Coconut Milk smells like a warm oatmeal cookie with a coconut glaze on top!

Ginger Teaze – The little teaze of lemon added to white tea and ginger makes this spa-like scent beautiful and fresh.

Lavender – Lavender is always a joy. Calming and delightful, it makes you take a deep breath and smile.

Sassy Citron – Sultry and sweet, we blend ylang ylang and tangerine with a mix of other citrus and floral notes.




The latest and super fun addition to our ScrubzBody line is Cubez Sugar Scrub Cubes! We took sugar (of course) and whipped it with Alegna® soap, our 8 botanical oils, and Shea butter. Then we cubed them!! What you get is a 1″ squared cube of scrubby, soapy goodness. It is the perfect companion for work, travel, outings for the day, let alone to mix and match among your favorite scents. You can indulge and use a full cube or break it up for multiple uses. Just get the cube in the jar until you are ready for use.

Dampen hands and take a piece of Cubez in your hands. Massage hands and then massage into skin. Rinse off completely. Your skin will feel soapy clean, refreshed, polished, and moisturized.

Can be used on the body, too. If you want more fabulous ScrubzBody/Alegna soap collaborations, check out Scrubblez Soapy Scrub.

Permission to pamper…in a jar!

ScrubzBody Money Back Guarantee

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Additional information

Cubez Sugar Scrub Cubes

6 pack – one of each scent, Cherry Almond Burst 4 Pack, Cherry Almond Burst 8 Pack, Cherry Almond Burst Single, Citrus Zest 4 Pack, Citrus Zest 8 Pack, Citrus Zest Single, Coconut Milk 4 Pack, Coconut Milk 8 Pack, Coconut Milk Single, Ginger Teaze 4 Pack, Ginger Teaze 8 Pack, Ginger Teaze Single, Lavender 4 Pack, Lavender 8 Pack, Lavender Single, Sassy Citron 4 Pack, Sassy Citron 8 Pack, Sassy Citron Single


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