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$106 value if purchased separately! Save $6! Comes in a convenient drawstring bag. (Bag may be different than the picture)

Makes a perfect gift!

Are you ready to get away? Whether you are headed on safari, up Mt. Kilimanjaro ( Believe it or not, I did it with my siblings in 2009), to a deserted beach, a hot new ski resort, or the mountains for a refreshing getaway, “Take me Bye Bye” travel bag is outfitted with multi-tasking smaller sizes of our best and most popular ScrubzBody products. Because even when you are away you deserve to be soft. And smooth. And feel as good in your skin as you feel being on vacation. Maybe even more so! 

These products will have you clean, smooth, (shaved if you want), moisturized, and on the go in no time!

Everything is TSA Compliant and perfectly sized for flying. 

Life in the travel lane just got easier!


The multi-purpose, multi-tasking kit contains:

(2) 2 oz. jars of multi-tasking ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub in your choice of Citrus, Fresh, Fruit, or Flower scent. (Retail Value $26)

This sugar scrub is a cleanser, exfoliator, pre-shave prep, shaving oil, and moisturizer. 

(1) 2 oz. jar of pure Unscented Facez Facial Scrub or Shavez Shaving Scrub (Retail Value $14) 

This scrub is triple-whipped with 25% more Jojoba Oil. It is a cleanser, exfoliator, pre-shave prep, shaving oil, lip scrub, and moisturizer.

.20 oz. Bye Bye Bagz Soothing Eye Balm (Retail Value $22)

This little beauty is an under-eye cream, facial cream, blemish soother, lip balm, irritation calmer, cuticle cream, and other things people have told us that go in the TMI category – a little dab will do ya!

2 oz. Face Oilz (Retail Value $22)

Face Oilz is a botanical oil makeup remover, a 4-minute fabulous facial, and a moisturizer. It can also be used as a massage oil and a carrier for essential oils.

2 oz. Oilz+ Shea Butter and Botanical Oil Lotion (Retail Value $22)

This pure lotion contains no water, so a little goes a long way! Use it as a massage oil and a moisturizer. Try it on damped skin to really lock in moisture.

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