Chocolate Dreamz is Flavored, not Scented!

It all started with the Chocolate Dreamz. That gritty, then soft and slick feeling body scrub made Sammy feel fresh and sexy and silky. Sammy had discovered it a few years earlier and purchased a new jar the minute it went on sale every February. When that first whiff of its delectable scent hit, the plan was set in motion.

Alex had been working way too much and needed a night of romance and fun. Sammy knew it would end up in the shower, so a tantalizing Chocolate sugar scrub was just the ticket. Hmm…maybe a matching Oilz for the massage that would be sure to occur before.

This was going to be quite an evening!

Alex came into Sammy’s life 2 years ago, when things were not going as well in another relationship. That relationship was making Sammy feel bad for being slightly indulgent. Sammy felt that while life was indeed about the everyday little things, indulgences were necessary for the spark and the flirty fun. Sammy wanted and needed permission to pamper, not just because it was indulgent, but because it was healthy for the mind and soul to rejuvenate and care for itself.

And indulgent Sammy was going to be in this relationship, because Alex was all about the flirty, fantastic fun side, too.

So first it was going to be dinner at the cozy little bistro where they met, ending with a specialty chocolate dessert. Then came dancing at the new club overlooking the city. And finally, the night would end in romance. And more chocolate… with Chocolate Dreamz!

The pair arrived back home around 11:30. The night was still young. The candles were lit.  The wine was chilled and the music was thump, thump, thumping to the beat of a sexy new Indie band Sammy had discovered. When Alex questioned it all, Sammy let on that a mutual friend had come over to set it in motion. Alex was flushing with excitement at the efforts Sammy took to make the evening so special.

Sammy filled the goblets and gave a long lingering look to Alex. They headed to the bedroom. It was also glowing with candlelight and a massage table had been set up in the corner, complete with Alex’s favorite massage oil, Oilz. Alex just didn’t know you could get it scented however you wanted and it was scented with a hint of the Chocolate Dreamz. Alex loved everything chocolate, so the scent would be as much of a hit as the chocolate candies leading up to the massage table which was quickly gobbled up.

Oilz Moisturizing Fragrance Oil
Oilz is decadent in Chocolate Dreamz scent!

Alex stripped as fast as possible and hopped on the table. Sammy pumped a few squirts of the Chocolate Dreamz oil and began kneading Alex’s neck. The scent wafted around and the smile on Alex’s face was worth it. The oil was gliding easily, smelling wonderful as Alex moaned and groaned in massage heaven. The pressures of the workday just melted away. When Sammy finished the massage Alex thought they were finished. But they were just beginning.

Sammy took Alex’s and they entered the bathroom. The shower had been set to the perfect temperature. The candle symphony continued throughout, creating a soft, warm glow, which was just what the Chocolate Dreamz scrub would do to their skin. They entered the shower and when Sammy opened the jar and the scent wafted out, Alex let out such a giggle. “Wow”, the chocolate extravaganza continues.” 

Slowly Sammy scooped some of the Scrubz out of the jar. It tickled and smelled divine. Sammy held Alex up against the cool tiles of the shower, adding to the sexy scene, and then Alex felt the familiar body tingling, body cleansing, body softening first bits of their favorite sugar scrub hit. It was heaven. Stroking Alex’s skin, Sammy worked on the public parts and then the private parts and didn’t miss a spot. 🙂 Now it was Alex who was doing the same for Sammy. They were truly getting into the spirit of “You wash my back, I’ll wash yours”. It was heavenly. Then Sammy massaged Alex’s lips with the scrub and kissed it off, reminding Alex that Chocolate Dreamz was edible because it was flavored, not scented.

Alex could not believe how incredible this night had been. Sammy had totally gone all out and Alex knew that the next special occasion was going to have the roles reversed. Just the thought of this made Alex grin like a Cheshire cat. 

Ah… Aren’t love and Chocolate Dreamz grand!