Whether you are planning a birthday, shower, bachelorette party, or a regular get-together with your closest gal pals, it’s hard to beat the comfort and coziness of an evening in. After all, partying at home is more affordable, relaxing, and safe. And there’s no dress code!

In this guide, ScrubzBody will share several tips and ideas to ensure your ladies’ night is an absolute hit. From crafting the perfect invitations to curating activities that will have everyone smiling, we’ve got you covered!

Create Fun Digital Invitations

Creating colorful digital invitations is a great way to keep your party eco-friendly but also ensures your invites are easily accessible through text and email. To kickstart your invitation design, you can use a free online invitation maker that offers a range of professionally designed templates to customize as you wish.

Just choose a template that aligns with your vision for your party, then adjust the colors, fonts, and imagery to add your personal touch and match the theme of your girls’ night.

Plan an Exciting Menu

No ladies’ night in is complete without a spread of snacks and beverages. Try to get creative and think beyond pizza and popcorn. According to The Welcoming Table, grazing tables are always a hit at girls’ nights! Think charcuterie, tapas, crudités, bruschetta, fondue, and bite-sized desserts.

Don’t be afraid to go a little extra for the evenings, providing toppings for ice cream or gourmet seasonings for popcorn. You could even set up a fancy coffee bar with various caffeinated beverage options including cappuccinos, espresso shots, and both hot and iced lattes.

Explore Crafting or DIY Projects

The activities you plan for your party will depend largely on what you and your friends like to do. Come up with some crafting and DIY projects that align with your mutual interests. For example, you could knit, make jewelry, paint pictures, or create flower arrangements. Your options are endless! If you’d rather leave the planning to someone else, consider a “Make Your Own” Scrubz Party with ScrubzBody Skin Care Products! This is an excellent option for ladies who want to learn how to work with their skin type, blend scents, and use botanical ingredients in their skincare.

Break Out the Board Games

Who doesn’t love board games? Board games are a fantastic form of entertainment, providing a dose of friendly competition and endless laughter. Whether you’re strategizing in a game of Catan, guessing in a round of Codenames, or solving mysteries in Clue, board games offer a unique opportunity to break the ice and strengthen bonds.

As you roll the dice, draw cards, and make clever moves, you’ll create memories that will have everyone reminiscing about this unforgettable night for years to come! The Spruce recommends several incredible board games based on playtime, setup, and intended audience. Take a look and find some games that would be a good fit for your crew.

Stream Feel-Good Shows and Movies

Feel-good shows and movies can create the perfect lighthearted atmosphere for your girls’ night. Streaming classic chick flicks and beloved sitcoms is like wrapping your party in a warm blanket! Pick classic chick flicks that everyone knows and loves, like The House Bunny, Clueless, The Notebook, 27 Dresses, and Mean Girls. Grab some popcorn, settle in with your friends, and let the heartwarming stories of these feel-good favorites cast a warm glow over your evening.

“The Perfect Ladies’ Night In” will soon become your favorite weekend activity!

The best get-togethers are about creating memorable moments with your closest friends. It’s a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the comfort of home. From creating colorful digital invitations that set a fun tone for your evening to planning a mouthwatering menu that satisfies every craving, these ideas will surely make your night one to remember!

Guest Post by Emma Grace Brown