When I am asked how to use our ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub or how long it will last, I always remind people that it’s up to them, because it really is. I want the experience of using our Scrubz to be one that makes you happy and feeling pampered.

So, the question is, are you a slatherer or a tiny scooper? Or are you a fingertip dipper? I am all 3!

At home, I  am a confessed slatherer.  And I mean a major one. Seriously, just give me a night where I want full-on pampering and I can easily use 2-4 oz. in one shower. Yes, I said that correctly! I will rewash body parts just because it feels so good. I’ll let the water cascade and just stand there in all my scrubbed up glory. Now, granted, having unlimited amounts of ScrubzBody scrub at my disposal is one of the perks of being the lead “cook and bottle washer” here, so I can be excessive in my use. But then again, so are many of our customers. I guess that is one of the reasons many of them are frequent refillers!

When I travel and only have a finite amount of Scrubz with me, I am much more sparing. That is when I imagine myself as a consumer, wanting it to last and using it the way that I teach customers how to use it.  Then, I know that I can get 2 full showers out of the 2 oz. jar of the scrub.

The practice is called, Scoop, Rub, and Scrub.

First, you scoop a little out of the jar with a scoop or your fingers (about a quarter-sized amount)

Then you gently rub your hands together, enough to just lightly coat the inside of your palms.

hand with scrub on it

Then you scrub! By spreading it on your hands first, they get super-soft, but you get double the coverage and double the use. If you “scoop and scrub” without the rub, you can lose some of the product to the shower, and seriously people, ScrubzBody Scrub is meant to be put on you, not the shower floor.

I’ll “fingertip dip” into the jar for a gentle nighttime skin polish. Another way to make sure my scrub will last.

Scoop, Rub, and Scrub. That’s my secret for making the scrub more economical and easier to use. What’s your favorite way to scrub?